Top 5 Architectural Design Software

Top 5 Architectural Design Software Choices

If you're looking for an architectural design software to start designing your future home, or probably to help you with your school projects, the following article will help you to make a wise choice regarding the best suited architectural design software for you. While I was student in architecture, I was pretty confused with the options that I had at that time. It was 2003 and my second year, so as everyone picked up a software, I had to pick one myself. After searching like crazy through forums, and talking with my colleagues I started to use Archicad, as it seemed the best fit for what we had to do... That seemed to work fine, until … Continue Reading

La Cornette

Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architects – La Cornette

Designed for two families, the house is modeled on traditional Quebec houses that lodged large families and their relatives. From the architects: "An out-scaled structure, like the agricultural buildings that surround it, the house is both traditional in its morphology and innovative in its use of materials. Shingled with raw fibre-cement panels on the walls and roof, it is a house beyond the domestic scale, simple and rot-proof, capable of standing the test of time. The house is striated with bands of horizontal windows, giant louvers that cut the sun at its most powerful, with new points of view at each level. It is … Continue Reading

Rothe Lowman – AIR Apartments

Rothe Lowman Architects‘ 18 storey tall AIR Apartments will be the first true high rise residential apartment building ever built in Coburg.  The tower is comprised of 259 apartments and will bring “high density living to one of Melbourne’s five designated activity centers.”  The tower is expected to be one of the most striking buildings in the city.  “Its dynamic new architectural profile and sculptural façade foreshadows a renewed sense of place, taking Coburg’s exciting transformation to unscaled heights,” explained the architects. More about the AIR Apartments after the break. AIR will provide a new urban lifestyle for young people … Continue Reading

santiago calatrava - peace bridge

Peace Bridge by Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Caltrava’s design for a new $24.5 million foot and bike bridge for the city of Calgary, Canada has just been unveiled. This new bridge, named the Peace Bridge, will span the Bow River and accommodate 5,000 bikers and walkers daily, allowing for swift foot-powered exit and entry into the city’s downtown. Anticipated for completion in 2010, the bridge meets the City of Calgary Council’s desire for the integration and implementation of more environmentally and health friendly transportation options for its citizens. The bright red bridge will span 130 meters and its helix design lacks the soaring masts, steel cables and asymmetrical … Continue Reading

Home is Where the CPR Is!

Did you know that in the UK at least more people are killed in accidents in the home than die on the roads?   76 people are killed in domestic accidents every week compared with 66 in road accidents, according to Department of Trade and Industry figures and more than 2.8 million people needed hospital treatment following home accidents. So who is to blame for this epidemic of domestic disasters? Unless you believe in natural selection weeding out   genetic incompetents, I think we should point the finger at TV home improvement and DIY programmes. These frankly encourage people to take on what are clearly over ambitious projects … Continue Reading


LumenRT for SketchUP – Realistic Visualization Plug-in

If you're into CGI, than you heard about e-on software. The products these guys created proudly stand behind big name movies like Avatar, G.I.Joe, Australia, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasius, Prince of Persia - Sands of Time and a lot others. You can check their official website to learn more here: What you might not know, is that these guys work on a new plugin for SketchUP, and SketchUP Pro for architects, a plug-in that will revolutionize how we visualize architectural projects in real-time 3D with photo-real illumination called LumenRT. From the creators: Thanks to LumenRT, architects no longer have … Continue Reading


10+ Architectural Concepts

BMW’s Stunning Energy-Efficient Production Plant In a perfect world we’d all be getting back to our zero energy, prefabricated homes by foot, bike or public transport, but on a planet where cars won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it’s nice to know that some car companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint when producing new vehicles. In 2003 BMW set out a design competition for a new building and distribution center located in Munich, Germany. The results were more than grand; not only is the new BMW Welt aesthetically pleasing with its sinuous curves and gleaming façade, but it was also consciously designed to save energy in its … Continue Reading