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Web Designers Resources – Best Premium Fonts

Yeah, we love web design too here at Archtopia, and we want you guys to have fun here as well. So we'll find resources for your works too. We'll also post the best web designs we'll find. On the way we kind of forgot about the website's theme and main core idea, so we want to make it up to you, and make it worth your while here. That being said, this is our first post regarding webdesign resources. The fonts this guys post now and then on Font Squirrel will blow your mind and make you wanna jump around being happy... others may react differently (dancing, singing, or start drinking... we take full responsibility for the consequences) … Continue Reading

Ezzo Paco – De Pombeiro Rural Hotel

Architects: Ezzo Location: Felgueiras, Portugal Architect in Charge: César Machado Moreira Collaborators: Fátima Barroso, Hugo Torres, Carla Barbosa Project year: 2008 Constructed Area: 200 sqm Photographs: Joao Ferrand The Place It’s a project for a rural hotel located in a farm with 10 hectares of land, 90% of which are used as vineyards. The interior of the land contains various previously existent elements. The main building from the XVI century stands out and several little constructions which are very damaged and/or ruins (the house of the home keepers, the pet store and kitchen). existant building Program The program … Continue Reading

Allied Operations Covers

Book Review: Interview With Delicious Storm | Allied Operations

Our friend Si-Yeon, aka DELICIOUS STORM, aka "think tank" of the Allied Operations asked me to review his edition book called "Interview With Delicious Storm" , and of course I was anxious to do that, because I know this guy to be very creative and fun. You might have seen some of Allied Operations work on,  and the thinking process involved in the creation act. It's anything but ordinary, and so is this "interview". This book actually made my day when I received it in mail this Wednesday. It's not only the colors (eye candies) and the short introduction made by the author , but the interview itself was created in a manner … Continue Reading

Amphibian Pavilion

Amphibious Pavilion For 2012 World Expo That Can Sail Away | Fluid

Fluid, one of the most eye-catching designs for the much-anticipated 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea, is a whale-like pavilion designed by Melbourne-based Peddle Thorpe Architects (PTA). Their organic floating exhibition space is designed around the concept of adaptability, making the structure useful for many scenarios, even long after the World Expo has concluded. With it’s environmentally aware design, Fluid has a minimal impact on the surrounding coastal ecosystem and has another extremely cool feature – after it’s duties in Yeosu are complete, the whole building can unlatch from its site and be sailed to other cities as a giant, … Continue Reading


Urban Infill Strikes Gold in San Francisco

Of all the pads chosen for this year’s AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours, only one found me smiling from start to finish. I wondered why as I wandered through this intriguing Glen Park residence… suddenly, on an upstairs landing, I spied a strange note stuck inside a fire-engine red Royal typewriter. I crept closer, just to get a peek. Staring back at me, three words, all caps: NOTHING BUT EVIDENCE. The owners’ motives began to emerge, as clear as the double-height glass wall behind me. Strachan and Melissa Forgan, it seems, had volumes to gain — more space, more light, even sheer satisfaction and enjoyment — simply by digging in, building … Continue Reading

Love Your Nursery For Longer Than Baby’s First Year

This is a guest post from House of Area Rugs. If you are having a baby anytime soon, your thoughts are straying to so many different things that it will be difficult to focus. The health of your baby, how you will deal with the lack of sleep, or the issue of creating space and a place in your home all run through your mind. One thing is for certain; your child will need a place to sleep and an area to store the many clothes, toys, and accessories that come with having a new baby. Many people support the thought of room sharing with a new baby, so a new nursery is not an issue for the new parents. The nursery can be created after … Continue Reading

OMA + LMN – Seattle Central Library

This is -by far- one of the most inspiring projects I know. And it´s not just the skin or the structure. It´s the new program relations, that make of this more than a mere library, but an enhaced public space around knowledge. Architects: OMA + LMN Location: Seattle, Washington, USA Key Personnel: Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus (Partner-in-Charge), with Mark von Hof-Zogrotzki, Natasha Sandmeier, Meghan Corwin, Bjarke Ingels, Carol Patterson Consultants: Arup, Bruce Mau Design, Davis Langdon, Dewhurst Macfarlane, Front, HKA, Hoffman Construction, Inside/Oustide, Jones & Jones, Kugler Tillotson, Magnusson Klemencic, McGuire, … Continue Reading