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Architects: The Design Workshop, Parsons The New School for Design Location: Delisle, Mississippi, USA Spring Studio Instructor: David J. Lewis Summer Studio Instructor: Terry Erickson Summer Staff: Joel Stoehr Students: Huy Bui, Ivan Chabra, Sarah Coffin, Christian Eusubio, Dominique Gonfard, Kailin Gregga, Dominic Griffin, Parker B. Lee, Laura Lyon, Kip Katich, Nora Meehan, Shana Sandberg, Emily Wetherbee Architect of record: ShoP Architects Client: Mississippi Katrina Fund, with special thanks to Martha Murphy, Kathi Heinzel, Bill Heinzel, and Loretta Lizana Consulting Structural engineering: Dunne & Markis Consulting … Continue Reading

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Studio Console | Commercial 3D Visualization

It's not so long ago since we featured a Architecture-Viz studio called a.VIZ.  Probably you enjoyed their work. Recently we were contacted by one of the members of Console, to feature an article about their works. Here is a brief presentation of the Studio: Studio "Console" is a group of extremely experienced 3d modellers and visualizers with main specific expertise in architecture specializing in architectural renderings & animation. We offer some of the best, yet most affordable high-quality renderings & animations, for a fraction of the cost of other firms. As well, our team are able to provide you with any kind of object … Continue Reading

PIQUE – Whitten House

Architects: PIQUE llc Location: Tumalo, OR, USA Structural Engineer: Elemental Engineering llc Contractor: R&H Construction Project year: 2009 Photographs: Peter Jahnke This residence sits on a remote 10 acre site comprised of Sage & Juniper trees in Central Oregon. Conceived as two simple cubes in the landscape, one box for sleeping and one for living, the structure offers two distinct means of interaction with the landscape. The sleeping box is low & burrowed into earth, while the living box floats above, hovering just at treetop level. East & South orientations are exploited for views as well as passive solar … Continue Reading

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Web Designers Resources – Best Premium Fonts

Yeah, we love web design too here at Archtopia, and we want you guys to have fun here as well. So we'll find resources for your works too. We'll also post the best web designs we'll find. On the way we kind of forgot about the website's theme and main core idea, so we want to make it up to you, and make it worth your while here. That being said, this is our first post regarding webdesign resources. The fonts this guys post now and then on Font Squirrel will blow your mind and make you wanna jump around being happy... others may react differently (dancing, singing, or start drinking... we take full responsibility for the consequences) … Continue Reading

ACME United Nations Memorial Space

ACME United Nations Memorial Space Inspired by Cells

The structure is built from hexagonal cells on the exterior as well as throughout the interior. Built as a metaphor for how the UN  operates and functions, this memorial space is meant to “represent the nature of the organization, where many different nations come together to create one entity, but without losing their individual identities.” Inside there are two conference halls, a theater, an exhibition space and an assembly hall for 1,500 people. The cellular design will also serve as a multi-function meeting space and house offices, restaurants, meeting and educational space as well as public viewing platforms. An open staircase … Continue Reading


The Three Main Ingredients For A Great Kids Room

When your son or daughter has grown up enough to move on from the pink or blue teddy bears in their nursery, you might be excited to take your first foray into decorating their ‘big kid’ rooms. If they lean toward Dora the Explorer or Thomas the Tank Engine, you may already have ideas for their room. Besides character décor, there are three key parts of a child’s room that you must focus on in order to make it a space that they are truly comfortable in. Safety Tips Safety should always be first and foremost in your mind once you begin to redecorate a child’s room. Gone is the crib, and in its place is a big kid bed. Depending on what you … Continue Reading

futuristic buildings and design

Futuristic Building Plans : Modern Art Museum in Dubai UAE

These images show the futuristic building plans for the Museum of Middle East Modern Art to be located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project is being lead by UN Studio, an architecture company in the Netherlands. Like many other projects in Dubai, this cultural building is defining new modern design ideas in a city that is investing in its future. The museum will be located in Culture Village near the banks of Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai). With the blossoming wealth of the region one can only hope that its collection will rival that of other modern art museums around the world. Via. … Continue Reading