Urban Infill Strikes Gold in San Francisco

Of all the pads chosen for this year’s AIA San Francisco Living: Home Tours, only one found me smiling from start to finish. I wondered why as I wandered through this intriguing Glen Park residence… suddenly, on an upstairs landing, I spied a strange note stuck inside a fire-engine red Royal typewriter. I crept closer, just to get a peek. Staring back at me, three words, all caps: NOTHING BUT EVIDENCE. The owners’ motives began to emerge, as clear as the double-height glass wall behind me. Strachan and Melissa Forgan, it seems, had volumes to gain — more space, more light, even sheer satisfaction and enjoyment — simply by digging in, building … Continue Reading

iPhone to Palm Pre-like multi-tasking device

A new utility allows jailbroken iPhones to get multi-tasking in a similar fashion to the Palm Pre. The Multifl0w project has managed to make things super-simple to allow multiple applications to co-exist on the iPhone, all displayed in an easy to swipe set of windows. Of course, it doesn't have the Palm Pre's 'swipe up to exit' functionality, but we still like it a lot. Simples Simply put, you choose an application; hold the home button and it will add it to the 'background'. Then double tap that same button to see all your open applications all in a row... how pretty. Of course, Apple is making the point that this will drain … Continue Reading


Modern Country: Comfort Meets Modern Aesthetic

Modern Country: Comfort Meets Modern Aesthetic It used to be the country decor was all about geese wearing blue bonnets and lots of cutesy clutter. But country has become more streamlined and modern country decors seem to be borrowing design principles from modern interior design portfolios. Modern country style now has a lot in common with contemporary design and the blending of the two styles creates a stylish but homey look. Here’s what’s fresh, new, exciting and modern about today’s country. Focal Points are Strong It used to be that country decors had so much going on in a room that it was difficult to determine what the focal point … Continue Reading


15+ Amazing WordPress Theme Frameworks

I like to give an analogy of a car (cars = themes, bear with me). When building a new car, everything isn’t reinvented. Your not going to find innovation in tires or in a steering wheel from the new Dodge Grand Caravan. Instead, you’d probably find innovation through the features it sports. What results, is a lot of cars using the same parts. So can WordPress themes. It’s all about being more efficient in your craft. Factor out all the essential theme parts and use them as the bases for the framework. In doing this, you’ll dramatically speed up the time it takes to build recurring themes from scratch. ThemeHybrid – Wordpress Theme … Continue Reading


Yacht – Sentori 50 R by Motion Code Blue

Be Wild With SENTORI 50 R This very post is dedicated to a friend of mine who wants to build a yacht with his own hands from scratch. So check this out Mihai. Great design with smooth lines. Dimensions: Length: 15.3 m Beam: 5.0 m Displacement: 18 t Engines: 2 x 900 PS YANMAR Maximum Speed: 40 knots ~ 74.08 km/h Customer: albatross yachts and composite ltd, taiwan. Available in 2010. This is exactly the 50 feet flybridge motor yacht that you need. That’s what I’m about to stand by. This lovemobile has three decks of elegance. This is another fabulous automotive-inspired boat machine from Motion Code Blue. It’s called the … Continue Reading


Dorm Room Lighting Ideas

Getting ready to head off to college?  Be prepared for a decorator's worst nightmare when you open your dorm room door.  Cinder block walls, concrete floors or industrial style tiling, nondescript windows that let in little light, and furniture that has seen better days all await your arrival.  Do not get excited about the room's lighting either, as dorm rooms are notoriously under or over-lit with harsh florescent lights.  While you may be stuck with the furniture and can do nothing about the window itself, you can add additional lighting to make your dorm room shine. Traditional Touch If you are not looking for anything fancy, invest in a … Continue Reading


David Tajchman | Tenniscalator

The architect David Tajchman designed this multi-storey timber tennis centre for a competition organised by a Swedish timber company. The complex features five floors of courts stacked on top of each other, contained within a timber structure. The eye-like openings in the structure are inspired by knots in timber. “My proposal expresses the company’s savoir-faire while working on wood at different scales, the wood knots serving as big frames is an example,” says Tajchman. The competition, for Vaxjo in Sweden, was organised by timber company Södra. The competition was won by Kent Pedersen Arkitektfirma of … Continue Reading