LED Lighted Shower Tray by Sprinz

You've heard of the many benefits of chromotherapy, and how it's being applied to the latest and greatest luxury tubs for a color experience to complement your bath. Well, European company Sprinz has brought the benefits of light into the shower with the Element S-Light LED Lighted Shower Tray. This innovative, illuminated LED shower tray is made of toughened safety glass, featuring LED technology hidden beneath the tray – out of sight, out of mind. All you see in the gorgeous glow of relaxing, rejuvenating lights. Now you have a whole new reason to sing in the shower! Check out this LED shower tray at Sprinz. As seen on Trendir … Continue Reading


Awesome Launger by Marietta Moraweg

Marietta Moraweg had the crazy idea, to use a piece of plywood and totally designed it and had executed it into a crazy awesome lounge chair. It’s got so many parallel cuts in it, you’re going to be lounging for basically forever. All summer long, anyway, I bet. And from where I’m posting, that’s kinda starting basically right now, it’s springtime. Time to rock. Combining the crafts of the future and the past! Traditional wood bending craft combined with modern CAD laser technology. You could put it in your garden and/or terrace. … Continue Reading

ecocity head

Germany Uncovers World Class Sustainable ECO CITY

Germany’s historic Hamburg-Harburg Harbor announced the development of a sustainable ECO CITY that combines industry, entertainment and pedestrian life into one super green package. Designed by international firm Tec Architecture and the global engineering company ARUP, ECO CITY is one of the only projects in the world that is seeking to achieve the highest level of environmental certification from all three major green building rating systems (LEED, BREEAM and DGNB). The project is an exceptional example of how to integrate efficient technology and building methods while fostering social interaction and community rebirth. Through … Continue Reading


Designing Your First Home Office

Are you tired of having to pick up all of your work because the table has to be set for dinner? Is accommodating art projects and homework affecting your productivity? Maybe now is the time to get serious with your business and set up your official home office. When you start a home office project, you first need to choose a location. Find something that you can isolate from the traffic – behind a door is best, but even a side alcove of your living room cut off by furniture and defined by strategic placement of area rugs works. By defining the area, you may even also be able to write it off of your taxes in some cases, so be very … Continue Reading


Wall-Mounted Fireplace : Cupola

Today I’ve felt that the winter is knocking at the door, and in a time like that fireplaces are becoming an essential purchase that will keep users warm throughout the freezing season. Entitled “Cupola” the wall-mounted fireplace comes integrated with an advanced, adjustable bio-ethanol burner, allowing vent-less, hassle-free flames. This wall-mounted fireplace made in lightweight aluminum, the Cupola is available in a black or white matte finish can be a stylish piece for your decor. The price of this fireplace is $2,735 and you can find more informations about it from Vauni. – Via – Bornrich via Freshome … Continue Reading

oange soda commercial

Illustrator Tutorials and Resources

Illustrator is a very powerful tool when you know how to work with it, and the next couple of tutorials will help you have a better understanding of what it can be done, and will serve as a source of inspiration for you future works. Enjoy and prosper. Design A Print-Ready Promotional Ad Using Photoshop and Illustrator For anyone in the print industry, we’ll share methods and resources that you’ll hopefully find helpful. For others, this article will shed light on what it’s like to work for a design firm. You’ll gain in-depth insight not only into the methods of professional print designers but also into the marketing implications of … Continue Reading

Feng Shui

A Beginners Guide To Feng Shui

Have you been feeling listless, low in spirits of just generally don't have the drive to get up and do things at the moment? It could be because your Feng Shui is a little off balance. If you haven't heard of Feng Shui, don't worry though it seems complicated there are some fairly easy principles to understand and it all comes down to energy; how you use it and how it flows. Though it may seem a little off to attributing your lack of energy to your house, you might find with a few simple changes you do see some improvements be it in your spirit, or just how your home feels!  Ba-Gua and You Ba-Gua is a way of mapping the way that the energy … Continue Reading