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Outdoor Decorating with Metal Art

When decorating, it's important to remember that your home's exterior is just as important as the interior. Although most people seem to focus most of their decorating efforts on the inside of their home, enhancing your landscape and the exterior of your home can really add to it's overall appeal. Since the outside of your home is the first thing that visitors will see, an attractive landscape, interesting architectural features and other artistic and decorative touches will make your home a showplace. Fortunately, it really doesn't take a lot of time, effort or expense to make the outside of your home as beautiful and appealing as the … Continue Reading

Font Squirrel

Web Designers Resources – Best Premium Fonts

Yeah, we love web design too here at Archtopia, and we want you guys to have fun here as well. So we'll find resources for your works too. We'll also post the best web designs we'll find. On the way we kind of forgot about the website's theme and main core idea, so we want to make it up to you, and make it worth your while here. That being said, this is our first post regarding webdesign resources. The fonts this guys post now and then on Font Squirrel will blow your mind and make you wanna jump around being happy... others may react differently (dancing, singing, or start drinking... we take full responsibility for the consequences) … Continue Reading


Add Warmth and Charm with Western Touches

If you'd like to add a bit more charm and warmth to your home, it's hard to beat the beauty of Western decor. The Western style of decorating just seems to naturally conjure up thoughts of comfort and down-home appeal. Whether you choose to decorate your home in a predominantly Western theme or just want to add a few homey touches, you and your family are sure to enjoy the end result. Here are a few decorating tips you can use to bring a bit of Western country charm to your home. Western "Cowboy" Style Many people immediately think of cowboy-style decor when they hear the words "Western style." There just seems to be something bold and a … Continue Reading

Mecanoo La Llotja

Mecanoo | La Llotja de Lleida

The Dutch architects team called Mecanoo recently completed a stone-clad theatre and congress centre in Llerida, Spain, and the building as an architectural object is far from regular or unnoticeable. It's not the outrageous consoles, the placement in the city, nor the outer skin composed of  multi-color tiles, but it's the feeling that you get when you're close to the composition. It just feels right. It's been a while since I said that about something. Project Info : Design: 2004-2005 Execution: 2006-2010 Client: Centre de Negocis i de Convencions S.A., Lleida, Spain; competition Municipality of Lleida Local architect: labb … Continue Reading

Top Tips for Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a great way to increase the amount of space in your house. They allow you tap into an otherwise wasted area above your ceiling, and if done well can add a significant amount of market value to your home. There are lots of options available for converting your loft into a usable area. At the most basic end you can install a loft ladder, screw down some flooring, and you’ve got yourself a great new storage area. One step up from here and you would want to be looking at dust-proofing, ventilation, an enlarged storage area, and possibly some structural flooring for those really heavy items. Or alternatively, you can … Continue Reading

Top 5 Architectural Design Software

Top 5 Architectural Design Software Choices

If you're looking for an architectural design software to start designing your future home, or probably to help you with your school projects, the following article will help you to make a wise choice regarding the best suited architectural design software for you. While I was student in architecture, I was pretty confused with the options that I had at that time. It was 2003 and my second year, so as everyone picked up a software, I had to pick one myself. After searching like crazy through forums, and talking with my colleagues I started to use Archicad, as it seemed the best fit for what we had to do... That seemed to work fine, until … Continue Reading

The Water Cube

MVRDV | The Water Cube Pavilion For The World Expo 2012

MVRDV's latest design, called The Water Cube, is a pavilion for the World Expo 2012 in Yeosu, Korea. The theme of the Expo is “The Living Ocean and Coast”. EXPO-WONDERS There are few things that men can call fantastic, or wonder, but this is between those. The world expo events are actual wonders. In the literal meaning. They show man kinds fantasies. They allow for this great opportunity to express excitement and admiration. The past has given a series of true world wonders that express that rare combination of entertainment and education, of research and achievement, like the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Sphere at the NY expo, the … Continue Reading