Dance School for Moulin Rouge – Winners announced – Paris 2009

Brought to you from Archtracker Arquitectum organized the competition “PARIS 2009, Dance School for Moulin Rouge” which proposed a reinterpretation of “The New Moulin Rouge”, the most famous cabaret in the world and a symbol of what is an important aspect of Parisian Life. They asked the design of a space which incorporates the latest tendencies for the dance school and all its installations. This was a fantastic oportunity to propose a new vision which, in the future, will remain as an importan symbol, as well as ensuring the continued quality of the shows and the performace of the dancers. The competition recived 290 projects from all … Continue Reading


Egg by Pozzi-Ginori – Wooden Bathroom Fixtures

Pozzi-Ginori is a part of Saintec, which is a big manufacturer of bathroom ceramics and a bath furniture. It offers a lot of different collections in classic and modern styles. Its new collection Egg is a refine combination of natural wood cabinets and excellent sanitary ware characterized by smooth and soft lines. Washbasin’s, toilet’s and bidet’s shapes are inspired by a simple and at the same perfect egg. With such collection you could furnish the whole bathroom and create relaxing and comfy ambience. Wooden cabinets are presented in various versions. In addition to wash basin cabinets there are a large selection of mirrors with … Continue Reading


10+ Architectural Concepts

BMW’s Stunning Energy-Efficient Production Plant In a perfect world we’d all be getting back to our zero energy, prefabricated homes by foot, bike or public transport, but on a planet where cars won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it’s nice to know that some car companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint when producing new vehicles. In 2003 BMW set out a design competition for a new building and distribution center located in Munich, Germany. The results were more than grand; not only is the new BMW Welt aesthetically pleasing with its sinuous curves and gleaming façade, but it was also consciously designed to save energy in its … Continue Reading


Dorm Room Lighting Ideas

Getting ready to head off to college?  Be prepared for a decorator's worst nightmare when you open your dorm room door.  Cinder block walls, concrete floors or industrial style tiling, nondescript windows that let in little light, and furniture that has seen better days all await your arrival.  Do not get excited about the room's lighting either, as dorm rooms are notoriously under or over-lit with harsh florescent lights.  While you may be stuck with the furniture and can do nothing about the window itself, you can add additional lighting to make your dorm room shine. Traditional Touch If you are not looking for anything fancy, invest in a … Continue Reading

furniture modern daybeds fredericia furniture

Dekka Daybed : New Age Danish Modern Furniture By FurnID

The Dekka Daybed is not what you may envision when you think about a typical daybed, rather a modern interpretation that features minimal construction and the combining of Danish Modern design and the Arabic Culture. Originally designed by FurnID for a design competition the Dekka Daybed is now produced by Fredericia Furniture in which a solid aluminum frame is meticulously hewn from single piece in a 40 hour process and then upholstered by hand, the perfect combination of new and old world craftsmanship. See more of the creative modern furniture from FurnID. Height: 30 cm Width: 90 cm Length: 200 cm [via] … Continue Reading

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10+ Great Bathroom Designs and Fixtures

There are many avenues open to you when looking to find the best bathroom suite for your bathroom. You can browse through the magazines that come through your door, you can watch the infomercials on television, go to the showrooms or look on the internet. There is a series of that just seem outstanding. Here they go: 1. 2 Beautiful bathroom glass tiles, you might find unique 2. Oliver Heath on designing your eco bathroom How to create eco–bathroom walls Due to the destructive qualities of water and condensation, walls in the bathroom must be scrupulously protected. A cheap quick–fix is to coat all surfaces with thick gloss paint, … Continue Reading


Studio Gang Architects – Aqua Tower

Project: Aqua Tower Author: STUDIO GANG ARCHITECTS Architect of Record: Loewenberg & Associates Owner: Magellan Development Program: Hotel and Residential High-rise with retail and commercial spaces Size: 1.9 m SF including parking, 823 feet high Completion: Summer 2009, currently under construction In an increasingly dense city like Chicago, views from a new tower must be negotiated between existing buildings. Aqua tower considers criteria such as views, solar shading and function to derive a vertical system of contours that gives the structure its sculptural form. Its vertical topography is defined by its outdoor terraces … Continue Reading