Closet and Basin Unit | Integrated Storage Space

Batra(S)-I is a bathroom unit with a very trendy contemporary design. This closet and basin unit has storage space integrated behind the front panel. The side deco panels and the sink unit can be decorated with effects and designs suited to your individual taste by using fabric textures, floral patterns or natural marble and wood effects. via Freshome … Continue Reading


Beautiful and Yet Functional Home Decorating

When decorating your home, it's often possible to get double-duty from some of your decorative items. Although some pieces of art are designed to be purely decorative, there are also a variety of other pieces that serve a functional purpose. Examples of functional and yet beautiful pieces include coat racks, shelves, plant hangers, wall grilles, hooks, wine racks and lighting fixtures, among others. Decorating your home with beautiful and yet functional pieces is a great way to save money, since you won't need to use as many purely decorative pieces in order to achieve a great overall look. If you'd like to decorate your home while also … Continue Reading

Slit House - House of Concrete

Slit House | Minimalist House Design Framed by Concrete

Creative design, simple lines and sharp lines all draw out of concrete is best describing this house-object. Slit House is located in the historical neighborhood of Nanjing, China. Although has very contemporary minimalist look it’s in harmony with surroundings. The entire structure, facade and the roof are made of concrete. It’s one of the first concrete buildings in this area. Thanks to such exterior it looks minimalist and modern outside. The interior is mostly done in wood to be more comfortable to live in. There are two connected areas with half floor height difference. The living area has 2 floor ceiling height while … Continue Reading

60 Years of Danish Furniture Design

Introduction Danish design has always been ahead of the times, mixing functionality with simplicity and since then becoming iconic in the design world. The egg chair was a masterpiece by a Dane, as was the Sydney Opera House! Let us take a look at 60 years of Danish furniture design and see what has changed from 1952 to now. 1950's Danish Furniture Design A late industrialisation in Denmark meant that the early 1950’s were a prime time for those in the design industry. Focus was mainly on furniture, although architecture was another key part of the trend. Light wood furniture from Denmark became popular with European's after the war, … Continue Reading


Egg by Pozzi-Ginori – Wooden Bathroom Fixtures

Pozzi-Ginori is a part of Saintec, which is a big manufacturer of bathroom ceramics and a bath furniture. It offers a lot of different collections in classic and modern styles. Its new collection Egg is a refine combination of natural wood cabinets and excellent sanitary ware characterized by smooth and soft lines. Washbasin’s, toilet’s and bidet’s shapes are inspired by a simple and at the same perfect egg. With such collection you could furnish the whole bathroom and create relaxing and comfy ambience. Wooden cabinets are presented in various versions. In addition to wash basin cabinets there are a large selection of mirrors with … Continue Reading

bathroom cabinets

Bathroom Furnishings with Flair | Lasa Idea

Modern design with smooth lines and flair come from Lasa Idea. These bathroom furnishings seem to come from a futuristic reality, and their clarity color and light have to power to inspire you. Here are a couple of pictures with Lasa creations. Enjoy. The "Flux" line from Lasa Idea features wonderful contemporary bathroom furnishings. The theme of the collection centers on streamlined vanity cabinets and sinks put together in shapes that make an artistic statement. The craftsmanship creates a very minimal footprint of space required for the storage cabinets. Colors really pop in vibrant blues, greens and oranges. Visit the Lasa … Continue Reading


Upgraded House In The Woods

Robert Young Architecture + Interiors a New York-based firm, has designed what's called the ‘Kettle Hole House’, a rehabilitation of a single family house in East Hampton, New York. Originally constructed in the 1980s, the outdated structure was permeated with bands of glazing, increasing transparency through the home to continue views to the woods behind and introduce dappled daylight into the interior. Cubic and rectangular volumes are mixed with horizontally striated cedar cladding, strongly related to the pine trees standing within the surrounding grounds in a peaceful manner. Opening the entry foyer to a double height space, the … Continue Reading