cartier foundation

The 8 Architect Wonders of the World

Structure: Cartier Foundation, Paris Architect: Jean Nouvel Year Finished: 1994 This museum created by the french architect JeanNouvel, displays some of the best art on planet Earth, and has exhibits of both contemporary and international artists. It contains over one thousand works by three hundred different artists. Structure: BMW Welt, Munich Architect: COOP Himmelblau Year Finished: 2007 This building was designed to present some of the best cars in the world - the BMW. And was built for the customer experience in mind. The thinking was that one of the best car brands in the world deserves one of the best buildings - and … Continue Reading

Circle - De Padova

De Padova | Circle Lamp

This is an elegant floor lamp designed by Monica Forster, made for Italian furniture company De Padova. These casual yet contemporary floor lamps feature a playful parasol style shade perched atop an arching steel base that’s ever-so elegant. The soft shining, flopping aluminum shade features rubber-effect polyurethane paint that gives it a casual feel, and the powder-coated base is built to last. Available in fresh white and pretty yellow, the color options are light and carefree, suiting the sunshade shape to a T. An easy-access foot switch makes it that much more usable, while energy-saving fluorescent bulbs are bright and use … Continue Reading


Using Found Metal to Decorate Your Walls

Eco-friendly and easy on the wallet, found metal can be the foundation for a unique decorating style.  While images of soda cans mounted on the wall may rush to mind, instead think bold and crafty when creating a one-of-a-kind look.  By manipulating found metal and shaping it into different designs and patterns, you can create metal wall sculptures that dramatically change the look of a room without altering the state of your bank account. Tools of the Trade If you have never worked with metal before, it is a good idea to invest in some heavy gloves that come to the elbow, as well as a knee-length leather apron and a pair of safety … Continue Reading


Making an Open Loft Feel Private

Guest post from Jessica Ackerman, a freelance writer that works for She shares her wealth of knowledge on tree wall art decor and tropical wall decorations. If your home includes an open loft, one of your concerns might be trying to make it feel a little more private. Part of the beauty of a loft is being able to be in one area of the home without feeling as though you are cut off from the rest of the home. However, sometimes you might have a desire to create just a little more privacy than your open loft naturally provides. A Separate Living Space There are a number of different things you can do with … Continue Reading

The Living Architecture | Dynamic Facade

The Living Architecture | Kiefer Technic Showroom Facade

It's been a while since we really seen something truly utopian here at Archtopia. So this post might please your curious side of the brain since the concept behind this facade is a neat and "alive" one. The design is created by architect Giselbrecht + Partner ZT GmbH and the amazing project is called “Dynamic Facade” better known as the Kiefer Technic Showroom in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria. The following images can give you a more clear vision upon what the modern architecture can and will do. Related BlogsRelated Blogs on FacadeRelated Blogs on kiefer technicRelated Blogs on kinetic … Continue Reading


Peninsula or Island? The Kitchen Dilemma

Often described as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space which requires careful planning to get right. Used as not just a place to prepare food, but also to eat, chat and generally hang out, there are lots of different factors to consider when deciding on the layout. Islands are to a kitchen as vanities are to a bathroom, which by the way you may read more about bathroom vanities following this article when you click here. As to the kitchen essentials, keep in mind kitchen islands are usually high on most people’s wish list, but there’s a new kid in town which is threatening to take over; the peninsula. If you aren’t sure what the … Continue Reading

Kefalonia Hotel

Divercity Architects – Kefalonia Hotel

Utopic Design - Kefalonia Hotel Of course this is in the concept phase, and as we don't talk very much about hotels here at archtopia, we won't go on detailing the matter. We hope this serves as inspiration for the young architects out there. The latest hotel design in Kefalonia, Greece created by the Divercity Architects intends to blend this contemporary hotel with the vernacular architecture of the surroundings.  Because of to the site conditions, the hotel blends to the sloping topology of the steep hill and it rests on and then breaks into four distinct strands that divide the site into north and south plots.   While fifteen luxury … Continue Reading