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Graham & Brown | Wallpaper Craziness

The Wallpaper collection called “Shape and Form” is the work of Graham & Brown and its unicity comes in various geometric shapes which create interesting textures and sometimes a 3D feel. The official description of the project from Graham & Brown: “We wanted to push the boundaries and create a dramatic, masculine collection that plays with perceptions conjuring optical effects to offer homeowners a dimensional alternative for decorating walls.” The wall covering designs in this collection are very diverse, therefore suited for a wide range of interiors. The color pallete ranges from dark hues to vivid and fresh ones … Continue Reading


Stunning Wall Shadows – Pattern Light Fixture Designs

History teaches us to thing of ornament as something additive and permanent, a metal encrustation no an otherwise ordinary building facade or a specially carved piece of wooden trim. Ornamentation, however, can be dazzling, impressive and transform the entire feel of a room even when it is temporary – as these spectacular shadow-pattern wall lamps vividly illustrate. These lighting designs by Sha-do come in all kinds of styles, ranging from symmetrical and geometric to curving, twisting, maze-shaped and otherwise highly detailed patterns. Some of his more contemporary creations are particularly visually attractive, casting … Continue Reading


Designer Wall Paneling by Lamellux

Who says walls have to be boring? Put some flair into your home with this designer wall paneling by Lamellux. An elegant composition of wood and resin blend organic style with ultra-contemporary elements for a look that’s unique and appeals to the lover of all things modern. This designer wall paneling encompasses a variety of colors, shapes and lighting effects, all incorporated into the German ecoresin called “Design Panel Acrysign.” Customize the style of your home with unlimited combinations of colors and finishes, resulting in a look that’s as individual as you are. Call it “interactive art” – this designer wall paneling is something to … Continue Reading


Update Your Kitchen with Metal Wall Art

If you're looking for a great way to enhance the overall look of your kitchen, try adding a few pieces of metal wall art. Whether you favor a sleek and modern style of decorating or take a more traditional approach, metal kitchen wall art can really add to the room's overall style. As an added bonus, metal wall art pieces sometimes have functional purposes, allowing them to do double duty in the kitchen. Choosing Art Metal Sculpture for the Kitchen When shopping for contemporary metal art sculptures, you find many different varieties that would be suitable for the kitchen. In some cases, you might choose a piece that is specifically … Continue Reading

Krausschönberg Architects – ‘House W’ in Hamburg / Germany

'House W' by Krausschönberg Architects, Photo by Ioana Marinescu The London and Konstanz (Germany) based architects Krausschönberg comleted this affordable prefabricated house in 2007 for a couple with two children in Hamburg. One of the clients requirement was a connected interior space which still offers individual freedom to the occupants. 'House W' by Krausschönberg Architects, Photo by Ioana Marinescu Here is what the architects explain: “The building is separarted into an upper and a lower part. The upper volume consists of rooms of various heights corresponding to their individual function. Bedrooms, bathrooms, the dressing room … Continue Reading

Wood Working Meets Architecture : WISA Wooden Design Hotel

he WISA Wooden Design Hotel by architect Pieta-Linda Auttila may be a temporary structure but it has left a lasting impression on those who study design and woodworking. Situated on the island in the harbor of Valkosaari in Helsinki, this sculptural wooden building was the winner of a competition organized by UPM, a leading Finnish forest products company. As they say all good things must come to an end, and the WISA Wooden Design Hotel will be dismantled at the end of September. Hopefully we will see more similar works by Pieta-Linda Auttila in the future on a larger and more permanent scale. As seen on FurnitureFashion … Continue Reading