Cardboard Furniture - Reinhard Dienes

Do you Eco? Cardboard Furniture Can Look Nice

Reinhard Dienes an internationally acclaimed award-winning furniture designer , is debuting with an exclusive collection of cardboard furniture on Fashion4Home. The furniture pieces are lightweight, sturdy and 100% recyclable as well as playful. The amazing design completes the overall picture and makes it an optical highlight to every room. Whether the Bookshelf and the sideboard is available in various colors to matches with your style. This stylish environmentally friendly furniture is a perfect choice for your home office furniture and a beautiful addition to your home interior. One more thing that I like at these pieces of … Continue Reading


JDS Architects | Holmenkollen Ski Jump

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump built in Oslo, Norway is the work of JDS Architects. The International Ski Federation has certified the structure and it is ready to host the Nordic World Ski Championship in March 2011. All the standards regarding the safety and the technical details were passed by the Jump and so, it was inaugurated in an opening ceremony that featured 20 ski jumpers. The longest jump at 141 meters was performed by Rune Vetla. According to some contestants, this is the best ski jump they have ever competed on. The cantilevered design hosts a restaurant/bar at 418 meters where visitors will enjoy views to Oslo … Continue Reading

vahid  rrrr-

001 Architectural Concept – Architecture University

This is a concept developed by a young architect called Vahid   Rafie nia, and the reason it appears on, is that we want to start a series of posts, where you, our readers can evaluate, comment and discuss the work of our fellow architects, as well as giving suggestions for improvement. So here are some insights on the project. You will find more on every image. Architects: Vahid   Rafie nia Location: Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran Date: 2011,january Materials: Concrete, Glass, steel Site Area: 12800 m2 Project Area: 5400 m2 Vahid even made a video of the building. You can check it on Archtopia's facebook … Continue Reading

JCB – Contemporary Cantilever House – Best Deck Ever

Some buildings just take your breath away, this is one of them, and the title of the post is no exaggeration. The pictures simply do not do justice to the view from this incredible set cantilevered constructions, jutting out from the core structure of the house and seeming to hover in space. JCB architects took their inspiration for this twisting, turning and thrusting form from a fallen log with its associated branches. With only thin clear glass between the patio and the world below, one gets a sense of standing on the edge of the void. In another thrust deck area sits a stunning nearly-edgeless exterior swimming pool – all … Continue Reading

Utopian Prefabricated Architecture

Utopian Sea Cities of The Future | Assembled by Robots?

Can you imagine a post-apocalyptic world populated with prefabricated buildings? Assembled on land from “memory metal” that can pop into shape when carried out to deep-ocean building sites. Frankly, it is not that far-fetched in this day and age – except that the architect behind these dreams is now 92 years old ... Can live off the grid in sustainably-powered, self-sufficient homes, sea-steading … sounds like something perfectly suited as a response to emerging environmental issues. What were once the implausible Utopian ideals of a young architecture student have evolved into the Venus Project, which seeks to address urban design and … Continue Reading

GO Media Vector Set 19

GO Media Vector Set 19 REVIEW

So here's the deal: If you are a reputable web designer, you definitely use vectors to create your art, and if you ever heard about GO Media, then you know this guys are passionate and deliver awesome vectors, brushes, patterns and all kind of cool stuff, pre-made and pre-coloured. The Vector Set 19 is no exception, and you will find inside Chain link, MMA Apparel Essentials, Tribal, Patriot, Fighters, Fists & Fight Gear, and Medieval vectors, all at a special launch price of $34.99 discount from the original $69.99. Just wanted to recommend this cool resource, and hope you enjoy it. You can visit their official website HERE … Continue Reading


House Designed Around a Deck – Modern Architecture

Deck House is an another great project by Chilean architect Felipe Assadi. Like some other his projects and a lot of other houses in Chile it has an open plan and large gazing in order to make nature around it more closer. Although the house also has a beautiful and practical desk which isn’t usually as big as this one. Like the whole house it’s made of wood and has built-in swimming pool. It is also has an inclined area which is a perfect place to sunbathing without a lounge chair. The deck is connected to the house’s floor to form a wood-clad object with glass that connects it. A living area, a kitchen and a dining room are combined to save … Continue Reading