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REX | Vakko Headquarters & Power Media Center

The project is now completed, the photos by Iwan Baan and a complete set of drawings and diagrams courtesy of REX. Despite the mix of the existing concrete structure with the new additions and the complex inner core (dubbed the “showcase”), the exterior of the building is read as a whole. The structural “X” of the glass panels on the facade break the monotony of the box on the outside, contrasting with the mirror like finish of the volume on top. The “showcase” fills the central void with a mirror finish that turns the volume into a sculpture (as seen on the photos and on the showcase elevations below), while housing different … Continue Reading


Decorating with Warm Wood Accents

Decorating a home with wood is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wood has long been a favorite as a home decorating material. Not only is it used in the construction of almost every home, but there are also plenty of creative ways to use wood decoratively. If you'd like to add more wood to your home but need a few new ideas for inspiration, here are a few tips that can help you get started. Highlight Your Home's Natural Architectural Features When decorating your home, it is important to remember that it's architectural features can have a lot of visual appeal. In fact, the woodwork and trim in … Continue Reading

Top Tips for Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a great way to increase the amount of space in your house. They allow you tap into an otherwise wasted area above your ceiling, and if done well can add a significant amount of market value to your home. There are lots of options available for converting your loft into a usable area. At the most basic end you can install a loft ladder, screw down some flooring, and you’ve got yourself a great new storage area. One step up from here and you would want to be looking at dust-proofing, ventilation, an enlarged storage area, and possibly some structural flooring for those really heavy items. Or alternatively, you can … Continue Reading

Top 5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Space Using Furniture

That apartment seemed like everything you ever wanted when you first moved in, but it is quickly feeling more and more cramped by the day and you are now battling claustrophobia you never had in the past. Does this sound like you? Well, you are not alone. (Photo credits: marc_p dmoz) So many people struggle with trying to make their small spaces stop feeling so cramped. You know what they say, get rid of the junk to increase the amount of space in your room. However, the problem is, you might just not know what to get rid of, and you might get rid of the pieces that are most beneficial to you. Since whether the space is small or … Continue Reading

Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Color Trends Abound in Flux by Scavolini

Flux by Scavolini touches on kitchen color trends with its bold offerings in metallic gloss red and metallic gloss purple. While red has become much more popular in kitchen design purple challenges our imagination and tendencies in interior decorating. Another striking feature is the curvy shapes of in the kitchen cabinetry. Flux offers "curved" cabinets that extend out from the floor or ceiling to create a whole different perspective on accepted kitchen shapes. You can see more kitchens at the Scavolini website here. by FurnitureFashion … Continue Reading

office space

Get Creative – How to Nurture Creative People

How to Nurture Creative People in a Creative Office Space A drab office environment is as uninspiring as one that jars with clashing colours and furniture, one that’s cluttered and cramped or one that’s dark and depressing. Stagnant surroundings are the enemy of creativity and savvy office furniture designers have pushed that principle to the business world in recent years urging a re-think and refurbishment of the dated office environment. Blazing a trail with contemporary office furniture Sydney suppliers are behind the worldwide drive to nurture creative people in a creative office space. Here are 5 questions you should ask … Continue Reading


15+ Amazing WordPress Theme Frameworks

I like to give an analogy of a car (cars = themes, bear with me). When building a new car, everything isn’t reinvented. Your not going to find innovation in tires or in a steering wheel from the new Dodge Grand Caravan. Instead, you’d probably find innovation through the features it sports. What results, is a lot of cars using the same parts. So can WordPress themes. It’s all about being more efficient in your craft. Factor out all the essential theme parts and use them as the bases for the framework. In doing this, you’ll dramatically speed up the time it takes to build recurring themes from scratch. ThemeHybrid – Wordpress Theme … Continue Reading