10+ Architectural Concepts

BMW’s Stunning Energy-Efficient Production Plant

In a perfect world we’d all be getting back to our zero energy, prefabricated homes by foot, bike or public transport, but on a planet where cars won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it’s nice to know that some car companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint when producing new vehicles. In 2003 BMW set out a design competition for a new building and distribution center located in Munich, Germany. The results were more than grand; not only is the new BMW Welt aesthetically pleasing with its sinuous curves and gleaming façade, but it was also consciously designed to save energy in its production of cars through efficient solar heating and natural ventilation systems.

bmw welt 5772 10+ Architectural Concepts

Urban Fade / Visiondivision

Visiondivison shared their entry for the Koivusaari Idea Competition to create a new city district on an island just outside Helsinki, Finland.  The competition asked participants to organize a master plan for the island that would provide the framework for further planning.  Visiondivison’s proposal, Urban Fade, is comprised of a highly efficient city grid that allows users the option of moving around the district to interact with the different areas.

visiondivision urban fade 10+ Architectural Concepts

Architects: Willy Müller Architects
Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Principal in Charge: Willy Müller
Associate Architect: Frédéric Guillaud
Project Team: Francisco Villeda, Isabella Pintani, Simona Assiero Brá, Mariano Arias-Diez
Collaborators: Iris Cantante, Bruno Louzada, Edgardo Arroyo, Claudia Barata, Bart Hooijen, Katrine Kunstz
Rendering: Lucas Capelli, Julia Morgado, Daniel Corsi
Model: ARRK,s.l., Fabio Castelblanco, Fabian Asunción
Structure Consultant: SBP, Schlaich Bergermann und partner
Engineering Consultant: GEPRO engineering

vista general final con edificio b 528x283 10+ Architectural Concepts

seccion aa b 528x374 10+ Architectural Concepts

KSP Engel und Zimmermann recently designed a 77,000 square meter library extension to accommodate the existing National Library of Beijing.  The new addition will hold approximately 12 million books and be used by an estimated 12,000 people per day.

new national library beijing day 528x351 10+ Architectural Concepts
new national library beijing night 528x352 10+ Architectural Concepts
streetview 528x350 10+ Architectural Concepts

Raffles City / UNStudio

UNStudio’s new mixed-use Raffles City is situated near the Qiangtan River in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, China.   This Raffles City marks CapitaLand’s sixth large-scale shopping center, including those in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Bahrain.  For UNStudio’s design, a sleek twisting tower will provide residential and hotel accommodates in its 300,000 square meter total floor area.

kar01 10+ Architectural Concepts

kar02 10+ Architectural Concepts

AD Round Up: Awarded Competitions Part I

317 10+ Architectural Concepts

China’s Huaxi Urban Center (of the Future)

Dubbed the Huaxi Urban Center, the exterior of the building was ingeniously designed to hide its massive network of support beams, duct work, wiring, and HIVAC systems. It uses flexible cellular based materials, exoskeletal lattices, and carbon fiber composites which are all highly advanced and needed to put up something like that.

huaxi urban center china 1 10+ Architectural Concepts

Regnum Tower for Istanbul Features BioClimatic Architecture

Foregoing an over-imposing block construction, Italian based firm Park Associati formed Regnum Tower into three distinct components around a single transparent volume, creating a winding figure and a continuously changing façade. The internal plan has divided the building into five five-floor sections, each with an open-level common area containing bioclimatic glasshouses.

regnumlead 10+ Architectural Concepts

regnum towered01 10+ Architectural Concepts

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