Daw – San Damian House


Architect: Daw Arquitectos y Diseñadores – Macarena Aguilar, Pablo Bronstein, Diego Aguilar
Location: Santiago, Chile
Collaborators: Rafael Urzúa, Juan Salinas, Sebastián Noguera
Contractor: Sistek
Materiales: Concrete, Glass, Wood
Site Area: 1,900 sqm
Constructed Area: 370 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Pablo Bronstein

This project deals with the degrees of relationship between the exterior and interior as its main idea. Variated exterior spaces, defined by the geometries of the house are generated, and create patios and transition spaces with exterior capsules existing as the smallest unit of definitive interior space.

The second idea variable arises from the material in its capacity to be both a unit and a multiple as well as the generation of texture through repetition and large surface areas of wall and ground. In this way the concrete is cast with perforations or undulations and the floor planes in stone or paving tiles laid out over the ground.

The shifting projection of shadow over these surfaces amplifies their quality.

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