Facade Garden in Portland

Vertical Garden - Portland

Vertical Garden - Portland

Concept for a unusual facade.

If this looks like a vineyard to you, you’re probably overreacting. It’s actually a new energy efficient concept materialized in a vertical garden on the facade. It has been proposed for the western facade of the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland, Oregon. The plan of the garden aims reducing energy consumption by 60%-65% as compared to other similar buildings. The flora will be such that they would bloom in spring and summer providing shade, while in winter they would wither to let the sun light in. The garden will make use of rain water and gray water recycled from the interior plumbing. Addition of solar panels will also be a part of the renovation for this building built in 1975.

Along with that there are also plans for using rainwater and low-flow plumbing fixtures to lessen the potable water usage by 68 percent. This 200 feet high planned garden is a part of a $133 million renovation which is supposed to make an annual savings of $280,000 in energy costs. James Cutler, whose firm is associated with the project mentions “It will be one of the more energy-efficient high-rises in America, possibly in the world”.

Soon my friends, soon this could be a vertical vineyard… probably, who knows?

What do you think? Can this be viable?

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