DIY Floor Plans with Autodesk Free Online Software

For the DIY kinda’ guys, here’s a software from Autodesk, it’s free and it’s best suited for drawing floor plans and seeing them in a 3d View right away. Autodesk Project Dragonfly

Free Floor Plan Software Designer

Free Floor Plan Software Designer

I’ve stumbled the other day on this little piece of wonder. It’s basically everything you need to design your own floor plans with little or almost no knowledge about architecture or design. You can play with it’s features and see what you can make out of it. I find this useful for the over demanding clients that know what they want, but can’t really express it in words =P.

With this software almost everyone can design their own home. The software functions pretty much like a architecture program, and for the architects or the designers familiarized with the Autodesk’s products, this should be no hassle.


So have fun ya’ll.

By the way, if you think this is not that cool, or you found something better out there, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts . Much appreciated.

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