One Bowl Centerpieces for the Dining Room Table

Dining room table centerpieces can be instant focal points in the room.  Whether elegant or casual, the centerpiece reflects the mood of the room or helps to create one.  Using one bowl centerpieces for the dining room table are especially easy.  They are inexpensive and easy to create, plus they can quickly be changed out to fit holiday decor or dinner party themes.  When thinking about designing a one bowl centerpiece, use the ideas below to get started.

The Bowl

Choose a bowl that is versatile enough to coordinate with a variety of holidays and decorating ideas.  Although the basic decor of the dining room is unlikely to change from season to season, the added holiday accessories may alter the decor slightly.  Choosing a bowl that matches the room during all of its holiday transitions will keep clutter down and make it easy to switch from season to season and back again.  Opt for a neutral bowl material like ceramic, glass or wood for the most versatility.  Also consider the width and depth of the bowl.  For a small dining room table, a smaller, but taller bowl would look great.  However, for a longer dining room table, a wider, shallower bowl would work better to fill the space.

Holiday Centerpieces

Using a bowl to create holiday dining room table centerpieces is a great way to accent holiday themed items while adding color and visual interest to the room.  Glitter hearts amidst white votive candles would create a beautiful and elegant centerpiece for the Valentine’s Day dinner table.  For the spring holidays, a bowl filled with colorful eggs atop a bed of Easter grass and accented with blooming spring flowers would highlight the season and coordinate with most any color decor.  A bowl filled with fall leaves, acorns and scented pine cones would bring the outdoors inside the dining room for the fall season.  Mini white lights and round glass ornaments also serve as excellent decorations for a one bowl centerpiece, as they can be coordinated with a variety of decors and colors.

Everyday Centerpieces

For the everyday dining room table centerpiece, fill a bowl with colorful glass pebbles and flowers.  Whether the flowers are real or silk, they add color and life to any room setting.  If flowers do not match the look and feel of the room, opt for an eclectic collection of items that coordinates with the color scheme in the dining area.  For example, if the color scheme is a contemporary grey, opt for items that coordinate in greys, blacks and whites.

A one bowl centerpiece for the dining room table provides a brilliant focal point that is easy to create and easy to maintain.  Choose a bowl that is versatile enough to work with many looks and throughout many seasons.  Be sure that the accessories in the bowl add visual variety and coordinate with the look and feel of the room.  Be creative when designing a one bowl centerpiece and enjoy the striking effect of it on the dining room table once it is completed. is online store specializing  in  products from  tropical wall decor to outdoor wall art.

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