Water Purification Skyscraper in Jakarta | Indonesia

This project came in Second Place at the 2010 Skyscraper Competition. Rezza Rahdian, Erwin Setiawan, Ayu Diah Shanti, Leonardus Chrisnantyo are the architects for what you are seeing, and they are all from Indonesia.

Water Purification SkyScraper

Jakarta a city of Indonesia, was designed originally in the confluence of thirteen rivers which were used for transportation and agriculture. The largest is The Ciliwung River, which has been extremely polluted during the last couple of decades, characterizes by hundreds of slums inhabited by thousands of people in sorry conditions.

The Ciliwung Recovery Program (CRP) is a project that focuses on collecting the garbage of the riverbank and purifying its water through an ingenious system of mega-filters that operate in three different phases.

The first one separates the different types of garbage and utilizes the organic one to fertilize its soil.

The second phase purifies the water by removing dangerous chemicals and adding important minerals to it.The clean water is then fed to the river and to the nearby agricultural fields through a system of capillary tubes.

During the third phase all the recyclable waste is processed.

One of the most important aspects of this proposal is the elimination of the slums along the river. The majority of the people will live and work at the CRP which could be understood as new city within Jakarta. The CRP project will be a 100% sustainable building that will produce energy through wind, solar, and hydroelectric systems. A truly green architectural product.

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