Using Natural Elements in Winter Holiday Decorating

It is almost that time of year when winter holiday decorations will be bombarding the malls and making their presence known on every lamppost and store front in town.  While the glitter and glamour of winter holiday lights is appealing to commercial stores, for the homeowner, sometimes less is more.  Instead of using the fake decorations sold by every discount department store this year, try adding natural elements in your winter holiday decorating.

The Tree

For Christmas, the tree is usually the center of any home’s decor.  You can carry this theme throughout the home by creating beautiful trees wall art from pine boughs that you gather from your backyard pine.  Arrange them on shelves, atop fireplace mantels and in the center of the dining room table.  While the tree may be located in another room of the house, the beauty and wonderful smell of the natural pine can be seen throughout the rest of the house.  As a word of caution, always discard pine boughs that become dry and brittle, as they can be a fire hazard.


Garland on the tree and around the home is usually seen as the fake, glittery strand of shimmering material that is sold at the store.  While it may have its own unique holiday appeal, a more natural look is also highly pleasing.  Use a collection of branches and twigs that have been woven or tied together to create a more natural garland.  Weave cranberries into the design to add color.  You can also hang this type of weather-resistant garland outdoors on your front porch rail.  Juts be prepared for birds and squirrels to be happy with the berry offering you place in front of them.  If the twig and stick look does not appeal to you, create a paper chain using the cut up envelopes from Christmas cards or old wrapping paper that has been saved from previous years.  While it is not entirely natural, it is a great way to be eco-friendly when decorating.

Pine Cones

The pine cones that smell like cinnamon start making their appearance in craft stores starting in late summer.  If you love the smell of the pine cones but cannot justify spending money for things you can find in your front yard, consider making your own scented pine cones.  Place them in a large trash bag, drop in a dozen drops of pine or cinnamon essential oil, shake the bag and in a few minutes you will have your very own scented pine cones.  Pine cones can also be used as a centerpiece decoration on the dining room table or coffee table. Place a basket of them on windows sills or on bathroom shelves to add holiday flair to every room.

This holiday season, while you are hanging your wrought iron wall crosses and pine bough wreaths, think about all the ways that you can add a special touch to your holiday home.  With some creative thinking and a little help from Mother Nature, your home can have a truly unique look.  Natural elements in a home decor not only make sense for your budget, they also make sense for the environment.

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