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Allied Operations CoversOur friend Si-Yeon, aka DELICIOUS STORM, aka “think tank” of the Allied Operations asked me to review his edition book called “Interview With Delicious Storm” , and of course I was anxious to do that, because I know this guy to be very creative and fun. You might have seen some of Allied Operations work on,  and the thinking process involved in the creation act. It’s anything but ordinary, and so is this “interview”.

This book actually made my day when I received it in mail this Wednesday. It’s not only the colors (eye candies) and the short introduction made by the author , but the interview itself was created in a manner that could make me forget for a moment that I’m an adult. As you can see in the image above, the book was printed in 25 different color background, and as we are already accustomed from allied operations the intention was to make the each reader think different.

The Review

I loved the short note found on the book and I take the liberty to post a part of it here since I believe it should have made it in the actual introduction of the book:


The above statement was so strong, and it actually prepared me for the read, expecting something a little abstract, and funny and of course sensitive and creative. I was not disappointed. I actually remembered how I was as a kid: strange, with my own world and always creating my own mind games and toys…

Interviewer and DS

The one interviewing Delicious Storm (DS), is “Socrates” (a persona resembling the well known greek philosopher that used to ask a series of questions not only to draw individual answers, but as well to encourage fundamental insight into the issue at hand).  Although Socrates asks only 17 questions, it is enough to discover a different way of thinking, and to get into the brains of the Delicious Storm, and his vision on architecture, and thought creation.

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What I liked most in this short book (only 37 pages with lots of images and aired spaces) is the fact that in a world conducted by egotism, greed and money, there is still a honest interest found in some individuals that try to look at the world from a different perspective(s) every time they work on an architectural project, showing people that “HOW we live in our houses is as important as the furniture we fill it with. It all has to do with degrees of perception.” – DS

The whole concept of this book is in my opinion to get the reader (mostly architects) to rediscover their creative side, a side that can become “dumb” as we grow old and forget to PLAY, and let their imagination fly.


What I didn’t like … because there is a side that’s very ugly about this book… is the fact that it ends so fast, I read the whole thing in 25 minutes (time including gazing at the pictures).

Final Thoughts

But even though the book is short, I think it will change you as an architect, and make you think different about our job, not only as designers of buildings, but as storytellers. Because each and every project, is in itself a story we have to tell the world (a story they hear every time they look at our creations).

This book can help you become a better storyteller, so give it a shot, you won’t regret you did.

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