The Most Astonishing Buildings From Around the World

All around the globe there are dozens of structures that are unique, strange, bizarre or in other words, mind boggling. Looking at these, one can do nothing else than to exclaim : ‘How on Earth were these made and who came up with this astounding idea’? All such architectural marvels are a bit difficult to be compiled in one list, but here are some of them that are bound to make you gape in  awe if you ever happen to see them live.

1.Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain
It is a design of Frank Gehry, one of most successful architects of America. The building aimed to attract more tourists in the region. However, instead of matching the surroundings, Gehry’s building stands out as something truly unique. Not only is the exterior one-of-a-kind, but also all rooms are different than one another, guaranteeing a unique experience. The building is made out of concrete cubical elements and is covered with enormous stainless titanium panels, whose positioning basically makes no sense.

2.House Attack, Vienna, Austria
House Attack was created in 2008 by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. This permanent art installation is a house, hanging upside down from the Museum of Modern Arts’ front facade. Its creator explains that it represents the everyday challenges and worries of families from all over the world and its purpose is to inspire architects.

3.Bolwoningen, Netherlands
The Bolwoningen housing were designed during the 1970’s as an experimental building. The architect that created these odd structures was Dries Kreij Camp. These so-called houses are shaped like golf balls and definitely managed to stand apart from anything else ever known at that time. Apart from looking strange, the Bolwoningen also have strange floor plans – the bathroom and toilet are in the very middle of the ball, while the bedroom is downstairs and the living room – upstairs. The diameter of the capsules is 5.5 meters and they have six round windows on top.

4.Wonderworks (United States)
This is one of Tennessee’s biggest attractions. Looking at its exterior, it is an upside-down building, but once inside, you realize it is more than just a wacky piece of art. It is actually a museum of the strange with exhibits you are less likely to see in ‘regular’ museums. And, bear in mind, that when you enter, you actually start from the attic, all the way up to the basement.

5.The Crooked House (Poland)
If you have ever been in front of those funny mirrors you usually find at fairs, you know what to expect looking at the crooked house. Designed by Szotynscy Zaleski and built in 2004, the structure resembles a building out of a fantasy book. As a matter of fact, the fairy tales drawing books of  Jan Marcin Szancer were Zaleski’s main inspiration.
It is a three storey house, built among a row of other, ‘normal’ houses. It basically looks as if it is melting or, while looking at it, you might think your vision is blurred due to many drinks.

The Crooked House (Poland)

6.The Atomium (Belgium)
As strange as it may sound, judging by its futuristic look, this structure was built way back in 1958, for the Expo in Brussels. Even today, it is visited by thousands of tourists and considered really impressive.
What it basically represents is an iron crystal, magnified 170 billion times. The atomium is comprised of nine steel spheres, each one with a diameter of 18 meters, connected to each other. The top sphere is an observation deck, while the other eight are exhibition halls). The whole structure  has a height of a staggering 102 meters.

The Atomium (Belgium)

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