The ABCs of Green Architecture


Investing in green architecture means that you are making an effort to take care of the environment. However, knowing where to start can be a little bit confusing. What are some of the basics about which you must know?

Dealing with Garbage

Anytime you’re crafting some sort of building, be it residential or commercial, you are going to deal with some debris. To show that you are truly committed to the green movement, make a solid effort to clean up this garbage. Make sure that any materials are going into the proper recycle bins if applicable. Of course, you want to ensure that as few pollutants as possible are released in the environment around you.

Avoiding Toxic Substances

While it might seem rather obvious that you should not use toxic substances in your daily life or work life, you might not realize how toxic all of the pollutants you’re putting into the environment really are. Therefore, you want to make sure you aren’t using lead paint or anything of that nature. As you’re going to be painting, hammering and sawing away, you also must  make sure that you are choosing organic substances with which to build. Doing so will allow you to be friendly to both your body and the environment.

Watching Energy Use

Now, this topic has two components to it. First, in your actual construction of the building, you need to make sure you aren’t overusing energy. For example, let’s say that you have power on throughout the day. When you’re not using it, make sure that it’s turned off! On top of that, you should also be choosing materials that are used to help create energy. Let’s say that you’re putting together the windows of a building. You absolutely need to use Energy Star certified windows. Of course, considering the importance of solar panels is something else you must do.

Protecting Nature

downloadHave you decided to put up a building in the middle of a forest? Well then,you aren’t following the basic practices of green architecture at all. Instead, you’re actually working to destroy nature. Make sure that you aren’t disrupting any natural habitats when you’re putting up these buildings. You want to be certain that both animal and plant life are going to continue as normal. If you’re a company that stands for green practices and someone wants you to craft such a building, you need to be adamant in saying “no” to them. Remember, you don’t want to violate your own ethical code.

So many concepts come into play when we talk about green architecture. When you love the environment, you do not want to engage in any practices that could potentially hurt it. Therefore, you need to be committed to implementing these basics into your day-to-day life at your place of work.

Brenda Hernandez writes about all things related to design. Her recent work is about cheap online web design degrees.

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