Most Common Household Accidents

Most Common Household Accidents

The UK has its fair share of accidents over 750,000 per year occur in the home. This is broke down as follows:-

  •     500,000 people injured colliding with household objects
  •     235,000 injured using their stairs

Some of the more bizarre facts are that over 50,000 people a year are injured by beds which are the most common furniture in the home that causes accidents. Who would have though a bed would make for a lethal health and safety hazard.

Additionally even more bizarrely over 30,000 people are injured in the home annually due to wood flooring. In contrast the figure of 235,000 people injured when using stairs makes more sense.

This results in over 3000 deaths a year. It makes for grim reading but these figures show the home can be a dangerous place. Even more so for the elderly over 65 that make a large proportion of people suffering an accident using their stairs in the home. With children under 5 making a substantial contribution to the figures.

So why is? It is probably due to the fact that we take our home for granted. Experts believe that accidents occur when people are at their most complacent. With that in mind nerves cannot be that bad!

This post was provided by Ann Richards health and lifestyle writer and contributor.

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