Feng Shui Demystified

Feng Shui Have you been feeling listless, low in spirits of just generally don’t have the drive to get up and do things at the moment? It could be because your Feng Shui is a little off balance. If you haven’t heard of Feng Shui, don’t worry though it seems complicated there are some fairly easy principles to understand and it all comes down to energy; how you use it and how it flows. Though it may seem a little off to attributing your lack of energy to your house, you might find with a few simple changes you do see some improvements be it in your spirit, or just how your home feels!

 Ba-Gua and You

Ba-Gua is a way of mapping the way that the energy flows around your home, though this is a little more complicated than most and may require an expert to come in for you to get a full explanation of your homes Ba-Gua, it essentially boils down to good energy and bad energy and how well it flows around your home.

For example good energy is energy that is allowed to move or flow through your home, clear spaces and easily navigated rooms help the positive energy move freely whilst cluttered or jumbled rooms may cause the energy to pool and become stagnant, turning it into negative energy. You may have noticed that there are some rooms you prefer over others because of their perceived space and airiness – this usually means they have positive energy in then!

 Where to Start?

To start altering the energy flow in your home pick the place you least like to spend time – is that room cramped and cluttered? Filled with things you no longer need? Then it’s time to clear out! Clearing spaces of unnecessary items helps stop the negative energy from pooling and will leave you breathing a sigh of relief and fresh air! Organise your most cluttered rooms one by one, be it by clear outs or storage solutions and you will find your home opening up.

 Rearrange Your Furniture

Did you know that Feng Shui promotes having your furniture facing the front door? It also advocates for not blocking it with any pieces either as it can stop energy from entering your house. We’d advise you at http://furnitureuk.co.uk/ to try to space furniture around so that the front door is easily viewable or that there is enough space so that you can easily navigate amongst the pieces.

 Influence Your Life

Having certain objects in your home can help improve how the energy in your home affects your life – for example having lots of green plants promotes a healthy energy as does running water – like a table top fountain or a fish tank. You may want to go with the fish tank though as having live fish in your house is meant to help promote wealth in your life!

I’m sure you’re already aware that colours can influence your mood, Feng Shui reinforces this belief by suggesting neutral and calming colours for certain rooms – like bathrooms with colours like a deep red in the bedroom to stimulate passion, be careful though, red can also stand for restlessness so you may want to have a few different types tested on your walls before choosing which one you like best.

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