Using Art to Create an Impressive Focal Point

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There are an almost endless number of ways to use art when decorating a home. However, it's hard to argue with the fact that using art pieces to create eye-catching focal points is one of the ways to get the most visual impact from your art. Most professional designers agree that creating a focal … [Read more...]

Create a Romantic Mood Using Home Decor

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When decorating your home, it's often fun to try to set a particular mood or theme. Although there are certainly many options from which to choose, creating a romantic mood throughout one or more of your rooms can add a nice touch. Sometimes all it takes are a few carefully chosen pieces of home … [Read more...]

Metal Decor for a Sleek Contemporary Look

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If you prefer a sleek, modern and contemporary look for your home, metal decor is simply a natural. Although metal accent pieces and art can work well with almost any style of decorating, they seem to be particularly complimentary to modern decorating schemes. Through the proper use of metal art and … [Read more...]

Homespun Accents Make a House a Home

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When decorating your home, sometimes it's the smallest decorative touches that end up making the biggest design impact. This is often the case when adding homespun accents and decorations to a room. Although they may be small, these eye-catching accents and thoughtful accessories often end up … [Read more...]

Bring a Touch of the Outdoors into Your Home


When decorating your home, there's just something particularly enjoyable about using nature as the inspiration for your interior decor. Whether you decide to use an overall outdoor theme for a room or just want to add a few small natural touches, bringing the outdoors inside can really add a lot to … [Read more...]