Home Decorating Techniques with Mediterranean Style

shutterstock_13534615 Courtyard of mediterranean villa in French Riviera

The Mediterranean decorating style was inspired by the techniques commonly used in the northern Mediterranean area. Spanish, French, Italian and Greek influences are all seen in this style. It's a very traditional style of decorating, evoking the overall feeling of old world charm. When decorating … [Read more...]

Adding Southwestern Flair with Wall Art


The southwestern style of decorating is popular in almost every area of the country. Although you might primarily think of this decorating style in the New Mexico and Arizona area, you'll find homes decorated in this style in areas as diverse as Florida, Washington, and Ohio. The southwestern … [Read more...]

Add a Personalized Decorating Touch with Monograms


It's hard to beat monograms for adding a personalized touch to your home. There are plenty of ways to add monograms to your home's decor, including wood carvings, metal wall art, embroidered accessories, or painted items. Although some people immediately think of embroidered towel sets or pillow … [Read more...]

Accentuating Architectural Features with Art


Although almost every home has some interesting architectural features, sometimes they can go almost unnoticed. In order to call proper attention to these interesting details, it's important to find ways to accentuate them with art and other creative decorating techniques. When properly showcased, … [Read more...]

Using Natural Elements in Winter Holiday Decorating


It is almost that time of year when winter holiday decorations will be bombarding the malls and making their presence known on every lamppost and store front in town.  While the glitter and glamour of winter holiday lights is appealing to commercial stores, for the homeowner, sometimes less is … [Read more...]