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Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom

Well, unusual chairs might not make you click, but I’m sure you like the pretty neon lights, don’t you? Who doesn’t? Well this unusual chair is the Disco Chair crafted by Kiwi & Pom. This new chair is a illuminated piece of furniture art built out of 200 linear metres of Electroluminescent wire. If you like rainbows, and would like to sit on one, this chair offers you that delight. It can also be the source of light for your next party. Another cool feature of the chair, is that it can be set to flash on and off so you don’t have to use any additional light systems.

disco chair Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom
disco chair 1 Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom
disco chair 2 Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom
disco chair 3 Disco Chair by Kiwi & Pom

Schematic Wall Design – Lammhults Airflake

A new dimension inside your living room? Yeah, this is what I’m going to show you today in the Living Room Furniture section of Archtopia, because this is a pretty neglected section of the website.  Partitioning a room is a challenge sometimes, but with this solution things can be very different from the dull monochromatic walls that you might be used to.

Lammhults Airflake Partition Schematic Wall Design   Lammhults Airflake

Lammhults Airflake Partition

The Lammhults Airflake Partition looks like sketch, more than a object for separating spaces. This innovative idea came from Stefan Borselius, and is made of sound-absorbent material to subdue sound. Airflake can be hung in rows, groups or large quantities, offering full versatility to the user.

room partition Lammhults Airflake Schematic Wall Design   Lammhults Airflake

Frank Gehry | Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

This building is one of the latest build projects signed by Frank Gehry, and is located in Las Vegas. The center is funded and supported by Keep Memory Alive, and it’s supposed to become a national resource for the most current research and scientific information for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington ’s Diseases, and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) as well as focusing on prevention, early detection and education. The complete name of the project is Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, and from the images you can see that is nothing ordinary about it, as we were accustomed to Gehry’s projects.

Following images courtesy of Matthew Carbone:

Cleveland Clinic lead Frank Gehry | Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

The center hosts these 3 main spaces:

Cleveland Clinic 4 Frank Gehry | Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

1. Medical building for patient care and research. Featuring simple, functional interiors and a lego like exterior of slightly disorderly blocks.

Cleveland Clinic 5 Frank Gehry | Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

motion code: blue | Shipyard Taiwan

Guest post from christian gumpold

motion code: blue, which is an industrial design studio with emphasis on yacht design, has enhanced its areas of operation by another design discipline; they offer architectural concepts and its development until implementation planning.

The studio has just finished their reference project:  a Taiwanese shipyard was designed, planned and visualized.

motion code blue shipyard motion code: blue | Shipyard Taiwan

Outgoing from an existing u-shaped hall and production building for motor yachts, the studio has the task from its customer to add an office building, green and recreational spaces as well as a showroom in a very representative and modern way, inspired by contemporary European architecture. Part of the briefing was also that the yard should get strong landmark-like characteristics.

motion code blue shipyard 1 motion code: blue | Shipyard Taiwan

The office building was designed as an elongated and elevated element which closes the u-shaped halls optically as well as for a floating appearance.

7 Decorating Tips For A Contemporary Bedroom

“Hi, we’d like you to decorate our house! You know, chose the colors for the painting, probably some wallpaper, tiling, whatever you feel it could look nice. Also, if you can create that feeling of “home” it would be great. Uhm, and one other thing … we want our bedroom to have a unique contemporary touch. Think you can help us?”

so I said: “Yeah, I can help you, but my services are a bit pricey… why don’t I give you some tips so you can manage the work by yourselves?”

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