Modern Extension of Edwardian Terrace House in London

house extension

What you're about to see here is a atypical extension of a Edwardian terrace house in London designed by Paul McAneary Architects. The concept behind the extension is that the interior space should be perceived as a connection to the garden, that the garden can be perceived as an extension of the … [Read more...]

L.E.FT | Baabdat Residence

Baabdat Residence | L.E.F.T.

Courtesy of L.E.FT The Baabdat Residence is surely an inversion design of the traditional agricultural terracing. This results in stunning 180 degree views out to the mountains beyond, and a camouflaged home from above. Architects: L.E.FT Location: Baabdat, Lebanon Team: Daniel Colvard, … [Read more...]

5 Small Modern House Designs

Palms Residence

These days most of the people, search for small modern house design ideas, and not only because of the low costs involved in having them built, but because their more energy efficient, and if decorated properly, can actually satisfy your need of space in plentiful. So in this context we bring you … [Read more...]

Decorating for a Family on a Budget


Having a family means having a budget and that can wreak havoc with your redecorating money.  Instead of buying that new sofa or winged back chair shoes, school uniforms and lunch money come first.  Never fear though, because there are some great ways to decorate your house for your family while … [Read more...]

Creating a Natural Guest Bedroom Decor


When guests come to stay, make their experience as relaxing as possible with a natural guest bedroom decor.  By incorporating natural elements into the room's design, you will be creating a room that is not only peaceful, but that is also eco-friendly.  Think outside the box when designing this type … [Read more...]