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Modern Extension of Edwardian Terrace House in London

house extension1 550x352 Modern Extension of Edwardian Terrace House in London

What you’re about to see here is a atypical extension of a Edwardian terrace house in London designed by Paul McAneary Architects. The concept behind the extension is that the interior space should be perceived as a connection to the garden, that the garden can be perceived as an extension of the indoor domestic space.

house extension 1 550x366 Modern Extension of Edwardian Terrace House in London

The stylish modern design of the extension features clear and clean lines, tat are very common in modern architecture. What is interesting is that the whole design has a twist of 30°that allows physical and perceptive overlapping between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. The same idea can be noticed on the zinc facade and also on the external floating deck.

house extension 2 550x366 Modern Extension of Edwardian Terrace House in London

L.E.FT | Baabdat Residence

Baabdat Residence 550x206 L.E.FT | Baabdat Residence

Courtesy of L.E.FT

The Baabdat Residence is surely an inversion design of the traditional agricultural terracing. This results in stunning 180 degree views out to the mountains beyond, and a camouflaged home from above.

Baabdat Residence 2 550x209 L.E.FT | Baabdat Residence

Architects: L.E.FT
Location: Baabdat, Lebanon
Team: Daniel Colvard, Makram el Kadi, Ziad Jamaleddine, Mahdi Sabbagh, Karie Titus, Karine Yassine
Client: P.Baadarani
Project Area: 500 sqm
Renderings: Courtesy of L.E.FT

Baabdat Residence 3 550x445 L.E.FT | Baabdat Residence

This program for the home is composed of garage, library, kitchen, dining and living area, and a number of bedrooms.

The cover sweep transforms the house from one floor to 2 floors. Made terracotta fins interlaced with greenery suggest the combining of architecture and landscape. A roundabout fall off is incorporated within its round form.

5 Small Modern House Designs

These days most of the people, search for small modern house design ideas, and not only because of the low costs involved in having them built, but because their more energy efficient, and if decorated properly, can actually satisfy your need of space in plentiful.

So in this context we bring you some of the best designs we found on the net, and that we believe can serve of inspiration for architects, and for future house owners as well.

1. The Palms Residence

House design by Marmol Radziner hosts 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2800 interior s.f.750 deck s.f. and is located on a narrow, urban lot in Venice, CA. The home looks inward, incorporating covered decks and a small courtyard space, giving the structure a sense of privacy despite its location on an infill lot. This house is made out of prefab pieces, with a custom design to suit the client’s tastes. Nonetheless this can, and will be the future of house building, and house design, since the need of speed in everything we do grows evermore.

Decorating for a Family on a Budget

shutterstock 31440412 e1284895795545 Decorating for a Family on a Budget Having a family means having a budget and that can wreak havoc with your redecorating money.  Instead of buying that new sofa or winged back chair shoes, school uniforms and lunch money come first.  Never fear though, because there are some great ways to decorate your house for your family while still on a budget.  If you are looking for some frugal ideas besides hanging handcrafted wine bottle wall art, try some of the fun and kid-friendly tips below.


Slipcovers are a busy family’s best friend.  Ideally, you will have at least two slipcovers at all times.  This is especially important if you have small children, because the inevitably, spills, stains, marks and smears happen.  Slipcovers allow you to have great looking furniture that can easily be cleaned or swapped out when the kids make their presence known.  You can have two slipcovers that are the same to make a smooth transition from one to the other, or you can have two completely different looks ready to go.  Slipcovers are definitely a frugal family’s best friend.

Creating a Natural Guest Bedroom Decor

shutterstock 9268318 Creating a Natural Guest Bedroom DecorWhen guests come to stay, make their experience as relaxing as possible with a natural guest bedroom decor.  By incorporating natural elements into the room’s design, you will be creating a room that is not only peaceful, but that is also eco-friendly.  Think outside the box when designing this type of guest room decor to come up with ideas that will be easy on your wallet, as well as the environment.

Wall Covering

Paint is the most traditional wall covering and the low odor paints that are currently on the market make it easy to protect the environment inside while also being beneficial to the environment outside.  The paint comes in a variety of colors, from common bright tones to the earthy hues that are perfect for a natural decor.  To create a peaceful feel, choose a color that has warm undertones and calming appeal.  Sage greens, sea blues and even calm lavenders are all great choices for adding color to the space in a natural, unobtrusive way.  These colors also make excellent backdrops for natural wreaths and turtles metal wall art that can accentuate the calming feel of the room.

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