Sagan Piechota Architecture | Otter Cove Residence

Otter Cove

If you're anything like me, and you love both the sea and the mountain, you will definitely like the following piece of work. The following images made my brain dance around with ideas all day. I love what the Sagan Piechota Studio created, and I'd love to live in this house... oh, the shape, the … [Read more...]

Subarquitectura | CASA 360

Casa 360

This house fits like a glow in the archtopia. This awesome concept comes from Spain, and is the design and work of  Subarquitectura. The 360 House is in Galapagar, Spain. And as the pictures will definitely show you, it's all about movement. CASA 360 described by … [Read more...]

Studio Aisslinger | Fincube Prototype

Fincube | Studio Aisslinger

German Architecture Studio Aisslinger, comes with a new modular housing prototype, sustainable and transportable.  The low energy house, named ‘Fincube’,  is comprised of thin horizontal “ledges” of locally grown wood that wrap the slightly bulging form. You can only find this concept … [Read more...]

Modern Courtyard House Design


You like courtyards, huh? Bet you do, they're intimate, and have lots of light and atmosphere. The design we're talking about has the access to the house through a series of excavated exterior terraces and stairways, across water features and bridges, then down another stairway, finally … [Read more...]

H2Office – Prefab Floating Office

floating prefab house

This might seem weird at first, but you'll get used to it, I know you're strong. A floating office is not something you see every day actually, so this prefabricated concept might suit your needs. The H2Office was originally conceived as a floating office unit. Although its design is quite … [Read more...]