First Drive-Through Museum in the World Coming to China


From the Just What We Needed Dept. Combining China's growing enthusiasm for private museums with its increasing appetite for driving, the new Nanjing Automobile Museum is set to be the world's first drive-through museum. Visitors drive their cars around the building's angular origami-like spiral … [Read more...]

ACME United Nations Memorial Space Inspired by Cells

ACME United Nations Memorial Space

The structure is built from hexagonal cells on the exterior as well as throughout the interior. Built as a metaphor for how the UN  operates and functions, this memorial space is meant to “represent the nature of the organization, where many different nations come together to create one entity, but … [Read more...]

Futuristic Building Plans : Modern Art Museum in Dubai UAE

futuristic buildings and design

These images show the futuristic building plans for the Museum of Middle East Modern Art to be located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project is being lead by UN Studio, an architecture company in the Netherlands. Like many other projects in Dubai, this cultural building is defining new modern … [Read more...]

The Marino 52 Luxury At High Seas


Step into the Alfra Vico Luxury Motor Yacht Marino 52, and you’re sure to be floored by its stunningly simple design and interiors. Boasting of modern gadgetry to make sure you kiss high-speeds effortlessly, the yacht is envisioned as ‘motion art’ of the highest echelon. From the cleats to the … [Read more...]