The Coolest Gadgets For Your Home

There are many different kinds of 'house pride' and often it can emerge in ways that you wouldn't expect. My girlfriend is house proud for instance in the way that you usually think of - she likes to keep the home tidy, she loves having guests round, and she gets a real kick out of a new throw for … [Read more...]

Simple but popular kitchen design

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your house, so it’s important that you enjoy your time in there. People spend many hours everyday in their kitchen, not just cooking or baking, but also socializing. Whether you prefer a contemporary style kitchen or a more traditional one, there is a … [Read more...]

9 Interior Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Trends in interior

Some trends come, and other trends go, but there are trends that stay for years and years and stand the test of time. The trends for the last year included a lot of classic patterns and motif, which have been around for quite some time. They tend to reemerge, but with fresh materials and modernized … [Read more...]

Peninsula or Island? The Kitchen Dilemma


Often described as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space which requires careful planning to get right. Used as not just a place to prepare food, but also to eat, chat and generally hang out, there are lots of different factors to consider when deciding on the layout. Islands are to a … [Read more...]

What Would Leonardo DaVinci’s Home Look Like Today?

When it comes to style and design Leonardo DaVinci must be up there with the most famous characters in history. Not only was he a fantastic artist who is responsible for some of the world's most iconic images, but was also an incredible engineer, scientist and inventor who was well ahead of his … [Read more...]