monovolume – Rothoblaas limited Company

Architect: monovolume architecture + design Location: Kurtatsch, Italy Project manager: Pedó Pobitzer Project team: Christian Gold, Barbara Waldboth, Amgelika Mair Structural Engineering: Baucon Bozen (Ing. Neulichedl Simon) Client: Rothoblaas limited Company Building area: 3,700 sqm Budget: 5,5 Mil. Euro Project year: 2005 Photographs: Oskar Da Riz The Rothoblaas office is a large scale commercial operation specializing in assembling systems and power tools for the woodworking industry. Warehouse and commissioning are situated on the ground floor and a showroom can be found on the upper floor. The aim of the project was to create … Continue Reading

Le Soleil by Foscarini

Le Soleil by Foscarini | Suspended Lamps

It's been a while since we talked about Lamps and Lighting here at Archtopia. But this founding has caught our attention because of the interesting concept behind it. Very often the final look of the whole room depends of the chosen lamp. Le Soleil is a suspension lamp designed by Vincent Garcia Jimenez for Foscarini can ideally fit to any contemporary modern interior design. This lamp is made of polycarbonates and thanks to that it creates an unique luminous effect. The shade has an interesting beautiful design and its shape provides a good lighting to a room. The beams of the light in these lamps are projected upwards with the … Continue Reading


First Drive-Through Museum in the World Coming to China

From the Just What We Needed Dept. Combining China's growing enthusiasm for private museums with its increasing appetite for driving, the new Nanjing Automobile Museum is set to be the world's first drive-through museum. Visitors drive their cars around the building's angular origami-like spiral to the roof, where they park and continue by descending through the building's exhibits on foot. When they get to the bottom, an elevator shuttles them back up to their waiting cars. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? via Treehugger … Continue Reading

Re-cover Residence

Bates Masi Architects | Re-cover Residence

Architect: Bates Masi Architects Location: East Hampton, NY, USA Client: Private Structural Engineer: Steven L. Maresca Contractor: Paul Cassidy Project Year: 2008 Photographs: Christopher Wesnofske Re-covered Residence - by Bates Masi Architects Thirty-five years after the firm originally designed this vacation residence, its new owners sought to rejuvenate the house while preserving its spaces, seasoned tones, and texture. Clad inside and out almost entirely in twelve-inch wide cypress boards, the original house exuded a straightforward simplicity the owners wished to maintain. By constraining the palette of … Continue Reading

Love Your Nursery For Longer Than Baby’s First Year

This is a guest post from House of Area Rugs. If you are having a baby anytime soon, your thoughts are straying to so many different things that it will be difficult to focus. The health of your baby, how you will deal with the lack of sleep, or the issue of creating space and a place in your home all run through your mind. One thing is for certain; your child will need a place to sleep and an area to store the many clothes, toys, and accessories that come with having a new baby. Many people support the thought of room sharing with a new baby, so a new nursery is not an issue for the new parents. The nursery can be created after … Continue Reading


Decorating Your In-Home Day Care

Many stay-at-home moms often consider watching other children in their homes to earn some extra money for their family.  For those who not only take the idea seriously, but turn it into a business, the result is an in-home day care.  Most licensed in-home day cares have to have a separate area for the children.  If you are establishing a new in-home day care or would like to give yours a face lift, try some of the decorating ideas below to get you started. Color The first thing that you want to do when designing an in-home day care space is to make it colorful and appealing to the children who will be in it.  You can choose from a primary … Continue Reading

Otter Cove

Sagan Piechota Architecture | Otter Cove Residence

If you're anything like me, and you love both the sea and the mountain, you will definitely like the following piece of work. The following images made my brain dance around with ideas all day. I love what the Sagan Piechota Studio created, and I'd love to live in this house... oh, the shape, the color, the texture, the site ... pure art and magic. Sagan Piechota Architecture have crafted the Otter Cove residence in Carmel, California. Here's a glimpse on what the house offers. From the Authors: Perched atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the ocean, this Carmel residence strives to appear as a natural extension of the landscape … Continue Reading