Trends in interior

9 Interior Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Some trends come, and other trends go, but there are trends that stay for years and years and stand the test of time. The trends for the last year included a lot of classic patterns and motif, which have been around for quite some time. They tend to reemerge, but with fresh materials and modernized color schemes that give all interior designers a wide range of classic, but also modern elements they could work with. These are last year's ten most widely used interior designs. 1.Chevrons They definitely aren't a new type of design but are making a comeback. The most widely used pattern is that with wide stripes, which can even be … Continue Reading


Peninsula or Island? The Kitchen Dilemma

Often described as the heart of the home, the kitchen is a space which requires careful planning to get right. Used as not just a place to prepare food, but also to eat, chat and generally hang out, there are lots of different factors to consider when deciding on the layout. Islands are to a kitchen as vanities are to a bathroom, which by the way you may read more about bathroom vanities following this article when you click here. As to the kitchen essentials, keep in mind kitchen islands are usually high on most people’s wish list, but there’s a new kid in town which is threatening to take over; the peninsula. If you aren’t sure what the … Continue Reading

Victorian vs Edwardian style

Decoding Architectural Styles

You know those moments, when someone terms like, “Victorian-style bungalow” or “Edwardian gables” or “art deco patterns” or “art nouveau designs”? When people use that on me, I feel as if the world is conspiring against me, by secretly taking ‘Hieroglyphic’ lessons. It’s embarrassing, frustrating, confusing and at times, humiliating. It’s also easy bait, real estate people use, to lure innocent architecturally challenged people. But you don’t have to endure this. I’m going to decode commonly used fancy architectural terms, for you to outsmart those smart people. Victorian v/s Edwardian: To go in the literal sense, Victorian architecture … Continue Reading

What Would Leonardo DaVinci’s Home Look Like Today?

When it comes to style and design Leonardo DaVinci must be up there with the most famous characters in history. Not only was he a fantastic artist who is responsible for some of the world's most iconic images, but was also an incredible engineer, scientist and inventor who was well ahead of his time. Leonardo DaVinci then would no doubt have been great at interior design, and it's safe to assume he'd have had a rather spectacular looking home filled with exciting trinkets and gadgets. If he were alive today then, what might his interior design look like? And how can we channel some of that creativity and knowledge into our own homes and … Continue Reading

60 Years of Danish Furniture Design

Introduction Danish design has always been ahead of the times, mixing functionality with simplicity and since then becoming iconic in the design world. The egg chair was a masterpiece by a Dane, as was the Sydney Opera House! Let us take a look at 60 years of Danish furniture design and see what has changed from 1952 to now. 1950's Danish Furniture Design A late industrialisation in Denmark meant that the early 1950’s were a prime time for those in the design industry. Focus was mainly on furniture, although architecture was another key part of the trend. Light wood furniture from Denmark became popular with European's after the war, … Continue Reading

Arte Laguna Prize

Deadline Postponed For The 7th Arte Laguna Prize

Arte Laguna Prize widens the opportunities for artists and launches 2 new art residencies, one in China and one dedicated to marble! Therefore the deadline is postponed to November 27th by mail and to December 5th directly on-line on the website 2 NEW ART RESIDENCIES by submitting two artworks in the same section NEW – “Loft Miramarmi”: Art residency in Vicenza, in the marble district for 1 month for 2 artists + realization of a project + open day The residency includes: accommodation, studio, workshop, realization of a project using marble, € 500 grant, open day NEW – “Beijing art residency”: Art … Continue Reading

Sunday Times Rich List 2012 – Furniture & Furnishings

The Sunday Times is one of the most influential and widely read papers in Britain, and every year the publication likes to release a rich list of those attaining great wealth in the UK. Compiled on an annual basis by Philip Beresford, this list gives some interesting insights into the wealthiest people in Britain, in addition to showcasing the industries in which they work. Several of those in the Furniture and Furnishings sectors have noted particular success for this year’s Sunday Times Rich List 2012, as shown in the infographic below. From Sir Philip Green in 17th place, down to the joint 949th positions of Tony Brown and MichaelPass, … Continue Reading