Endless Sunshine 1

Outdoor Themes that Work Indoors

Warm and Sunny Decorating Styles When the cold wind starts to blow, you'll be glad you took the time to design a warm and cozy indoor area. Although you can certainly use any style of decorating that appeals to you, decor that conjures up the thought of warm sunshine often work best. For example, you could decorate your space with Southwestern metal art decor to add a touch of desert heat. Warm Southwestern colors such as terra cotta, gold, orange, red and yellow can also add to the overall look. It can also be fun to create a garden-like look inside your home. If you have a sunny spare bedroom, why not try transforming it into a garden … Continue Reading


Egg by Pozzi-Ginori – Wooden Bathroom Fixtures

Pozzi-Ginori is a part of Saintec, which is a big manufacturer of bathroom ceramics and a bath furniture. It offers a lot of different collections in classic and modern styles. Its new collection Egg is a refine combination of natural wood cabinets and excellent sanitary ware characterized by smooth and soft lines. Washbasin’s, toilet’s and bidet’s shapes are inspired by a simple and at the same perfect egg. With such collection you could furnish the whole bathroom and create relaxing and comfy ambience. Wooden cabinets are presented in various versions. In addition to wash basin cabinets there are a large selection of mirrors with … Continue Reading

modern minimalist furniture interior

About Minimalist Interiors

Minimalist Interiors For The Contemporary Home Minimalist is much more than a form of home decor; it is a way of life. Often people find it very difficult to understand or appreciate the charm of a home decorated in a minimalist way. That is because unless you are yourself inclined to the minimalist way of life or are at least favorably influenced by its ideas the value of this form of decoration is hard to comprehend. However, a person who has an appreciation for clean lines and an uncluttered environment can thrive in this form of decor. Minimalism is a State of Mind Minimalist interiors are all about maintaining order in your home … Continue Reading

Sunset Over Cedar Lake

Add a Touch of Summer to Your Home Decor

Summer can be the perfect time to add a more natural look to your home decorating scheme. Beautiful colors from nature can add the perfect look to any room. Or, decorate your rooms with natural materials gathered from outdoors, or bouquets of fresh flowers cut from your own garden. You can also add natural beauty to your home by choosing art pieces and other decor that reflect nature and the summer season. If you're ready to get your home ready for summertime enjoyment, here are a few decorating tips to help get you started. Add Natural-Themed Wall Art If your walls are looking a little boring or bare, summer is the perfect time to spruce … Continue Reading

Post-It Notes Story

Ok, this is simply crazy, and although this is not exactly the main subject of archtopia, in the Arts & Crafts category of the site, we thought this would be a great fit. So have fun and leave a comment if you like this thang. From the author: "This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline. I manipulating the post-it notes to do pixel-like stop motion and there are some interactions between real actor and post-its." … Continue Reading


Pima County Behavioral Health Pavilion and Crisis Response Center

Cannon Design shared with us their latest mental health center for Pima County.  The project creates a “holistic healing campus” to serve various facets of behavioral medicine.  By integrating the architectural design with the raw beauty of the Sonora Desert, the project “balances the challenges of a complex interdisciplinary program, unique environmental conditions, and a lean construction budget.” More about the health center and more images after the break. In Cannon Design’s quest to create a healing campus, two interrelated buildings respond to the broadest range of patient needs.   The buildings are organized around a shared … Continue Reading


Apartment Decorating for Families

Finding a great way to decorate an apartment for a couple or single person is hard enough, but add children into the mix and decorating takes on a whole new dimension.  Apartment decorating for families is more about creative and stylish storage than it is about the newest styles of art or contemporary design. That being said, there is no reason why unique and clever decor cannot be added to the mix. Room by Room When starting to design decor for a family apartment, break the design down room by room.  Each room of the apartment will, most likely, serve several purposes and should be designed accordingly.  From the bathroom to the … Continue Reading