The ABCs of Green Architecture

Investing in green architecture means that you are making an effort to take care of the environment. However, knowing where to start can be a little bit confusing. What are some of the basics about which you must know? Dealing with Garbage Anytime you're crafting some sort of building, be it residential or commercial, you are going to deal with some debris. To show that you are truly committed to the green movement, make a solid effort to clean up this garbage. Make sure that any materials are going into the proper recycle bins if applicable. Of course, you want to ensure that as few pollutants as possible are released in the environment … Continue Reading


Create a Cafe in Your Kitchen

If you're looking for a great way to add fun, style and charm to your kitchen, you only need to think about your favorite coffee shop or cafe. If you love spending the afternoon enjoying lunch or a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, just think how great it would be if you could experience that pleasure in your own home, whenever you'd like. Decorating your kitchen with cafe style can be inexpensive and a lot of fun - plus the result can be terrific. Here are some decorating tips you can use to transform your plain kitchen into your favorite cafe restaurant. Splurge on Some Great Equipment If you've always wanted your own cappuccino or … Continue Reading

ACME United Nations Memorial Space

ACME United Nations Memorial Space Inspired by Cells

The structure is built from hexagonal cells on the exterior as well as throughout the interior. Built as a metaphor for how the UN  operates and functions, this memorial space is meant to “represent the nature of the organization, where many different nations come together to create one entity, but without losing their individual identities.” Inside there are two conference halls, a theater, an exhibition space and an assembly hall for 1,500 people. The cellular design will also serve as a multi-function meeting space and house offices, restaurants, meeting and educational space as well as public viewing platforms. An open staircase … Continue Reading


Designing Your First Home Office

Are you tired of having to pick up all of your work because the table has to be set for dinner? Is accommodating art projects and homework affecting your productivity? Maybe now is the time to get serious with your business and set up your official home office. When you start a home office project, you first need to choose a location. Find something that you can isolate from the traffic – behind a door is best, but even a side alcove of your living room cut off by furniture and defined by strategic placement of area rugs works. By defining the area, you may even also be able to write it off of your taxes in some cases, so be very … Continue Reading

Greenhouse Design: Solar Heat-Trapping Prefab Home

Greenhouse design principles are becoming increasingly integrated with home solar heating strategies, the heat of the sun drawn in through expansive windows and then trapped within super-insulated interiors. This particular greenhouse building also references the aesthetics of its inspiration, with glass on all sides selectively shielded by interior layers where privacy is desired. Shaped and structured like an industrial greenhouse, this design by architects Verdickt & Verdickt features exposed steel supports, broadly spaced windows and a barn-shaped a-frame configuration all very evident from the exterior. Once inside, however, … Continue Reading

Cardboard Furniture - Reinhard Dienes

Do you Eco? Cardboard Furniture Can Look Nice

Reinhard Dienes an internationally acclaimed award-winning furniture designer , is debuting with an exclusive collection of cardboard furniture on Fashion4Home. The furniture pieces are lightweight, sturdy and 100% recyclable as well as playful. The amazing design completes the overall picture and makes it an optical highlight to every room. Whether the Bookshelf and the sideboard is available in various colors to matches with your style. This stylish environmentally friendly furniture is a perfect choice for your home office furniture and a beautiful addition to your home interior. One more thing that I like at these pieces of … Continue Reading


Taking The Interior Outside

Whether you live in a warm climate where the sun shines for most of the year or your enjoyment of the outdoors is seasonal, your backyard can be an important area for entertaining guests or relaxing and spending time with the family. Where spending time outside depends on the season, a few easily stored items are all that are needed to achieve the desired look and purpose, but in those areas that enjoy long summers and mild winters, living space can be extended to include the areas outside your back door. Home décor for the outside of the home has become increasingly popular and choices range from the standard patio sets, lounges, porch … Continue Reading