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Grouping Furniture on the Patio

Outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials.  From formal outdoor furniture made of metal or wrought iron, to wicker tables and chairs to hammocks that sway to and fro, there is no shortage to the options available.  When you are considering entertaining outdoors, think about how your furniture is arranged on the patio.  By grouping certain pieces together you can create a few different zones that will encourage conversations and fun. Large Conversation Zone One of the most important zones or areas on the patio is the large group conversation area.  It usually consists of two or more multi-seat pieces of … Continue Reading

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motion code: blue | Shipyard Taiwan

Guest post from christian gumpold motion code: blue, which is an industrial design studio with emphasis on yacht design, has enhanced its areas of operation by another design discipline; they offer architectural concepts and its development until implementation planning. The studio has just finished their reference project:  a Taiwanese shipyard was designed, planned and visualized. Outgoing from an existing u-shaped hall and production building for motor yachts, the studio has the task from its customer to add an office building, green and recreational spaces as well as a showroom in a very representative and modern way, … Continue Reading

Icube - Final Render

Premiere: Matrix Platform – Cluj Napoca

Tested Matrix Platform | A Revolutionary Project in Romanian research. Welcome to the Future! Concept and proposal for the project - Winning Project You might have seen this only on CSI, and yes there is one like that in Romania, Cluj Napoca too. Matrix, Avalon, Star Trek – Holodeck, Nautilus, Data are a few names borrowed from the movies and books of Science Fiction.  These are also a couple of names for the most revolutionary romanian research project in psychology. Officially, the Matrix Platform, a platform for diagnostic, therapy and research in virtual reality was opened on 9th of February 2010. We have a couple of details … Continue Reading


Suburban Living on the Edge – Steel Bridge Cantilever House

If living in the suburbs could ever be considered edgy, it would have to be in an unusual, unique and uncanny house such as this one. Odd angles abound, mixed materials define variegated spaces and above it all looms an incredible cantilevered bridge supporting gathering, living, cooking and eating spaces designed by Maddison Architects with views out in all directions. Sleeping, bathing and more private programmatic activities are contained in concrete masonry section that is nearly the conceptual opposite of the bridge portion – buried, thick, heavy and solid. This section contrasts with the wide-open windowed expanses of the upper … Continue Reading


Book Review : Building Construction Illustrated

Building Construction Illustrated (Paperback) ~ Francis D. Ching (Author) Bought this book the other week, and fount it more than useful, so I thought I'd give it a review. I needed some information regarding residential construction, but what I found was so much more. This Illustrated book is packed with almost everything you need to know about construction. When I say that, I mean it covers all of the major components. It does not walk you through tiling a floor, but as an example it does show the different methods of framing and provide clear illustration of how each method is done. I only wanted information on … Continue Reading


Accentuating Architectural Details with Metal Art

In addition to adding a decorative look to your home, contemporary metal art can also be used to enhance and call attention to your home's striking architectural details. Since metal wall sculptures are available in such a wide variety of styles and subjects, it can be quite easy to find a piece that blends in perfectly with your home's overall look. When used creatively, metal art can help transform even the simplest architectural detail into an eye-catching focal point. If you've never experimented with using metal wall art, here are some decorating tips you can use to get started. Choosing a Decorating Theme Before choosing metal art … Continue Reading

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Home Decorating Techniques with Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean decorating style was inspired by the techniques commonly used in the northern Mediterranean area. Spanish, French, Italian and Greek influences are all seen in this style. It's a very traditional style of decorating, evoking the overall feeling of old world charm. When decorating your home in a Mediterranean style, it's important to stay true to the look. Although you can certainly mix and match as part of your decorating theme, modern art or modern furniture styles would certainly look out of place. If you want to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, here are some decorating tips to help get you … Continue Reading