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The Most Astonishing Buildings From Around the World

All around the globe there are dozens of structures that are unique, strange, bizarre or in other words, mind boggling. Looking at these, one can do nothing else than to exclaim : 'How on Earth were these made and who came up with this astounding idea'? All such architectural marvels are a bit difficult to be compiled in one list, but here are some of them that are bound to make you gape in  awe if you ever happen to see them live. 1.Hotel Marques de Riscal, Spain It is a design of Frank Gehry, one of most successful architects of America. The building aimed to attract more tourists in the region. However, instead of matching the … Continue Reading


A Touch of the Tuscan Vineyard for Your Home

If you adore the rolling hills of Tuscan wine country, then you will find it a lot of fun to add a touch of the Tuscan vineyard to your home.  Homes decorated in the Tuscan style often draw their inspiration from different elements in nature.  Rustic farmhouses, sun-bathed hillsides, wrought iron accessories, and sturdy furniture made from solid wood are all hallmarks of Tuscan design that can be brought into your home. Perhaps the biggest appeal of the Tuscan style is that is it simple and lovely, requiring very little effort to combine comfortably worn and beloved items within your space.  And just as the Tuscan region of Italy was once … Continue Reading


Decorating Your In-Home Day Care

Many stay-at-home moms often consider watching other children in their homes to earn some extra money for their family.  For those who not only take the idea seriously, but turn it into a business, the result is an in-home day care.  Most licensed in-home day cares have to have a separate area for the children.  If you are establishing a new in-home day care or would like to give yours a face lift, try some of the decorating ideas below to get you started. Color The first thing that you want to do when designing an in-home day care space is to make it colorful and appealing to the children who will be in it.  You can choose from a primary … Continue Reading

Dance School for Moulin Rouge – Winners announced – Paris 2009

Brought to you from Archtracker Arquitectum organized the competition “PARIS 2009, Dance School for Moulin Rouge” which proposed a reinterpretation of “The New Moulin Rouge”, the most famous cabaret in the world and a symbol of what is an important aspect of Parisian Life. They asked the design of a space which incorporates the latest tendencies for the dance school and all its installations. This was a fantastic oportunity to propose a new vision which, in the future, will remain as an importan symbol, as well as ensuring the continued quality of the shows and the performace of the dancers. The competition recived 290 projects from all … Continue Reading

diderot dalembert school infirmary

Chartier/Dalix Architectes | Diderot d’Alembert School Infirmary

This infirmary is located inside the playground of the highschool Diderot d’Alembert in Aubervilliers - Paris in the suburbs. The building is separated in two, by both its fonctions and acces. On one side you can get to the infirmary and the toilets, on the other to the office. The separation also appears in the colors used on each side of the building, green and red. The inside light comes through the facades by pixalated openings. A gradient color links both of the side visualy. A banch has been added on the facade folowing the smooth angles. Regarding the intimacy required by this kind of programm, we’ve choosen to get the natural … Continue Reading


Decorating Your Studio Bachelor Pad

Now that you are out on your own, whether in your first apartment after college or moving into your own studio after sharing with roommates, you will have to decide how you want to decorate your new bachelor pad.  Studio apartments are, by their very nature, small and lacking ample storage.  For bachelors, that can translate into piles in a mess and hubcaps used as car metal wall art.  To get a better start on decorating your bachelor pad, try some of the easy tips below. Multi-Purpose Furniture In a studio apartment, the most beneficial furniture pieces you can own are those with multiple purposes.  For example, a sofa that is also a bed … Continue Reading


5 DIY Tips I Need to Stop Ignoring

This is a guest post from Pete. Pete Wise is a content developer and white-hat SEO Jedi. This article was written for Discount Decorating Online who sell deeply discounted wallpaper and wallpaper borders. Follow Pete on twitter:  @MySEOHeadache Hi, my name is Pete, and I consider myself a bit of a handyman. I feel that projects come together intuitively for me and I can figure out a solution to any project problem. According to my girlfriend, “being a handyman” means hanging things crooked the first few times, struggling when I don’t have to, and multiple unnecessary holes in the wall. She tries to talk some sense into me every single … Continue Reading