3 new printed tile collections by Levitiles – Unusual Glass Tiles

Designed especially for architects and interior designers, these unusual glass tiles by Levitiles are made to inspire! The 3 new printed tile collections are made using a high-resolution (1200x1200 dpi) jet ink printing process to add patterns to clear glass tiles. The “Metals” collection brings luxury to your modern bathroom with its reflective surfaces reminiscent of gold, silver and copper. These unusual tiles are especially suited to large, modern spaces. The “Precious Stones” collection dazzles with rich, monochrome jewel tones and textured surfaces. A range on colors and sizes make this a versatile collection to work within virtually … Continue Reading

Sunset Over Cedar Lake

Add a Touch of Summer to Your Home Decor

Summer can be the perfect time to add a more natural look to your home decorating scheme. Beautiful colors from nature can add the perfect look to any room. Or, decorate your rooms with natural materials gathered from outdoors, or bouquets of fresh flowers cut from your own garden. You can also add natural beauty to your home by choosing art pieces and other decor that reflect nature and the summer season. If you're ready to get your home ready for summertime enjoyment, here are a few decorating tips to help get you started. Add Natural-Themed Wall Art If your walls are looking a little boring or bare, summer is the perfect time to spruce … Continue Reading


Morphosis Arhictects – Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Thom Mayne has revealed his design for the Perot Museum of Nature and Science at Victory Park, Dallas. Mayne describes the project as a “living educational tool featuring architecture inspired by nature and science”. The new facility will provide 180,000 sq ft of display and archive space on a 4.7 acre site in the north of downtown Dallas. Museums, armatures for collective societal experience and cultural expression, present new ways of interpreting the world. They contain knowledge, preserve information and transmit ideas; they stimulate curiousity, raise awareness and create opportunities for exchange. As instruments of education and … Continue Reading


Mood Creating Lamps – Arturo Alvarez

As the world evolves, human need for light is changing, is growing and it's all justified since we need clarity, warmth and certitude. The Wall Lamp created by Arturo Alvarez, called Guau, is a mood creating lamp that will illuminate your space in a creative, original and funky style. The lamp features a flat adjustable shade tht you can move or rotate in various positions to direct the light wherever you like. You can see it in more detail on the Arturo Alvarez official website. … Continue Reading

Reva and David Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts, © Tod Williams Billie Tsien

Tod Williams Billie Tsien & Associates | Logan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts, University of Chicago

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien Architects, a renowned practice with expertise in public/cultural buildings, just unveiled the details for the new Reva and David Logan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Chicago. This new building will offer 170,000sqf for studios, rehearsal space, director’s cut screening rooms, state–of–the art acoustical theaters, lecture rooms and set–building shops, that will be shared by many departments including visual arts, theater, music, as well as cinema and media studies. The project includes a 11-story tall tower, which will become a new landmark at the south of the campus. At … Continue Reading

Gridiron 2

Homespun Accents Make a House a Home

When decorating your home, sometimes it's the smallest decorative touches that end up making the biggest design impact. This is often the case when adding homespun accents and decorations to a room. Although they may be small, these eye-catching accents and thoughtful accessories often end up "making" the room from a design standpoint. As an added bonus, accessorizing your home with small homespun accents is usually a very easy, fun and cost-effective way to decorate. Here are a few tips to try if you'd like to add a bit of homespun charm to your own home. Choosing Accents that Fit Your Decorating Style If you are already using a particular … Continue Reading


Charming Wildlife Decorating Styles

If you're the kind of person who enjoys nature and the great outdoors, chances are you are always on the lookout for ways to bring a bit of nature indoors. Perhaps you enjoy the serenity of a beautiful outdoor landscape. Or, perhaps you are an animal or bird lover who enjoys wildlife. Whatever your preferences might be, there are definitely a myriad of ways to bring a touch of nature indoors to enhance your overall decorating scheme. Here are a few fun and easy ways to bring a bit of the "great outdoors" inside your home. Focus on Rustic Designs If you love the look of nature, focus on rustic designs and decorating accent pieces as opposed … Continue Reading