BIG – National Library in Astana, Kazakhstan

Architect: BIG Client: Kazakhstan Presidential Office Collaborators: ARUP AGU Size: 33.000 M2 Location: Astana, Kazakhstan Partner-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels Project Leader: Thomas Christoffersen Team: Amy Campbell, Jakob Henke, Johan Cool, Jonas Barre, Daniel Sundlin BIG was recently awarded with the first prize on an open international design competition for  Kazakhstan’s new National Library in Astana. The new building has an area of  33.000 sqm, arranged as a continuous circulation on a Möbius Strip, as the result of 2 interlocking structures: the perfect circle and the public spiral. The sections (see below) clearly show how the … Continue Reading

The Color Turquoise: Southwestern and Beyond

Turquoise is one of the most beautiful colors imaginable and it’s often thought of nearly simultaneously with Southwestern style decor. But its soft watery shades are gorgeously appropriate and right at home in many other types of decor, such as shabby chic, modern interiors, cottage style and rooms that have exotic appeal. Here are some ideas from Southwestern and beyond. Turquoise of the Southwest Turquoise is a quintessential Southwestern color. Find it in sunsets or Native American jewelry. It looks fabulous when mingled with soft desert sands and pale sunset pinks, and it pops against white for a fresh, clean look. Turquoise is amazing … Continue Reading


Suburban Living on the Edge – Steel Bridge Cantilever House

If living in the suburbs could ever be considered edgy, it would have to be in an unusual, unique and uncanny house such as this one. Odd angles abound, mixed materials define variegated spaces and above it all looms an incredible cantilevered bridge supporting gathering, living, cooking and eating spaces designed by Maddison Architects with views out in all directions. Sleeping, bathing and more private programmatic activities are contained in concrete masonry section that is nearly the conceptual opposite of the bridge portion – buried, thick, heavy and solid. This section contrasts with the wide-open windowed expanses of the upper … Continue Reading


Base Architecture | SheOak House

Base Architecture has a cool design that they can be proud of, and it's called SheOak House. We featured one of their projects not so long ago called Stonehawke House. You may not remember it by name, but the following images will surely ring a bell, since their style is unique and refreshing. So here it is: This house design is the end result of Base Architecture, and is located in Kingscliff - New South Wales - Australia. SheOak House is designed in informal, comfortable, casual and welcoming style. The 350 square meter house is done in mix of steel, timber and concrete. This house is resistant to such weather conditions as wind, … Continue Reading


Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

One of the most popular styles for the kitchen derives its elements from the classic farmhouse.  A farmhouse kitchen can bring to mind pleasant memories of days gone by when times were simple and life was uncomplicated.  But the modern farmhouse kitchen has all of the conveniences and appliances that technology has given us over the years.  Thus, with a farmhouse kitchen, homeowners really do have the best of both worlds.  The tips that follow can help you to create a “down home”, folksy farmhouse kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional. Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring While there are an unlimited number of good choices when it comes to … Continue Reading

Change It!

Everchanging Wall Coverings?

Ok, ok!!! This is not exactly something you would call a wall covering, I know. But still... This amazing concept was designed by the incomparable Amirko, and it’s real name is “Change It!” Ohh scoop it! It’s one big wall of turn-triangles. Each of these triangles has different colors on them – white – black – and a slightly unique rainbow shade. As you can see in the first picture here, when the color is on full blast, it makes a mural all it’s own. What combination of madness can be made? Let the sky be the limit! For now it’s the colors as explained above. In the future it might have any number of different choices for the sides … Continue Reading


British Pavillion for Shanghai 2010 Expo

Simply beautiful design. The Pavilion of Ideas, designed by Heatherwick Studio, beat five other short-listed designs, including plans put forward by the creators of the London Eye - the largest Ferris wheel in the world - to becomes the winner. The pavilion looks like a box with thousands of spines that hover without visible support above a public square. All the spines, which can swing in the breeze, are tipped with tiny colored light sources which can display a variety of images together. Inside the pavilion, visitors will see an enormous digital screen showing various contents. The outside area of the pavilion will be an … Continue Reading