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motion code: blue | Shipyard Taiwan

Guest post from christian gumpold motion code: blue, which is an industrial design studio with emphasis on yacht design, has enhanced its areas of operation by another design discipline; they offer architectural concepts and its development until implementation planning. The studio has just finished their reference project:  a Taiwanese shipyard was designed, planned and visualized. Outgoing from an existing u-shaped hall and production building for motor yachts, the studio has the task from its customer to add an office building, green and recreational spaces as well as a showroom in a very representative and modern way, … Continue Reading


Mood Creating Lamps – Arturo Alvarez

As the world evolves, human need for light is changing, is growing and it's all justified since we need clarity, warmth and certitude. The Wall Lamp created by Arturo Alvarez, called Guau, is a mood creating lamp that will illuminate your space in a creative, original and funky style. The lamp features a flat adjustable shade tht you can move or rotate in various positions to direct the light wherever you like. You can see it in more detail on the Arturo Alvarez official website. … Continue Reading

1 The Great Bed of Ware

The 15 Greatest Beds: Past and Present

1. The Great Bed of Ware Made just prior to the turn of the century in 1590-1600, this Vredeman de Vries bed is among the most famous ancient beds in the world. This carved oak piece was originally painted and features stunning panels of marquetry. Currently housed in the British Galleries, this bed is best known for being quite enormous during its time, as it measures over 128 inches across. Shakespeare was so inspired by the bed that he makes a small mention of it in his infamous play ‘Twelfth Night.’ 2. The Private Cloud The Private Cloud is a German-designed and built bed that’s both simplistic and stylized. Notable for its use … Continue Reading

Maxwell Render Resources

Maxwell Render Resources

I bet you always dreamed about those amazing textures that you can map on your object seamless, to make it look surreal, and let all of them colleagues thinking how you did it, where you got those incredible materials... right? Well, probably that's just me, but ever since the firs year of university I wanted to have these incredible textures, and it's been a while until I discovered one of my best source for materials, and today I'm going to share it with ya'll architects and designers all over the world. So yeah, this one I've been keeping for a while, but why not share it? So there you go, enjoy Maxwell Render Resources. Of … Continue Reading


6 Photoshop Tricks You’ve Never Seen Before

Adobe’s Photoshop has long been the premier software for photographers, digital professionals as well as the everydaywebsite owner. The fact that the software can do so much, and is easy to use, has obviously helped it hold on to its class-leading position. However, the very fact that it can do so much means that a large percentage of users only scratch the surface of the available options. These days, most people are busy and it is all too easy to stop exploring a program such as Photoshop when we first learn the basics, as we mistakenly feel that further exploration cannot be justified on a time basis. Understandable as this is, the … Continue Reading


Detached From The Ground House In The Canopy Of Trees

A house located in the beautiful area near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed to be a pavilion supported only by five columns, the home has bedrooms, a living room, dining room and balconies facing a pool overlooking the beautiful beach of Guaruja. The house become a great holiday house for a family with two kids who likes to have a guests. Even though the site is really beatiful it wasn’t easiest place for construction. A structural 18m deck above the ground was used as an artificial foundation. Above this deck the whole building is made of metal. The house only has two floors and is accessible from the second one because it’s attached to the … Continue Reading

The Sketchup Show | 3D Modeling Resource

This is a recent finding via Youtube, and we think you will love this training available for free, as well as the paid one. The video embeded here on the site is the first one they launched and it's basically a tutorial for drawing a 3d lantern. But enough blabbering, this is what you can do with Sketchup, a awesome software from the good ol' Google: Enjoy, and if you think this was helpful, drop a line, don't be just a passer-by. … Continue Reading