New Apartments (Hardcover)

Book Review: 150 Best Apartment Ideas (Hardcover)

New ideas on how to design, build, and decorate a home are always of essential value to architects, designers, and homeowners alike. This book offers an extensive collection of apartments from all over the world, devised by distinguished international architects and designers who have worked to achieve practical, innovative, and stunning solutions adapted to the specific needs and particular tastes of their clients. This compilation expresses the diversity of current trends in apartment design and provides an inspirational source of ideas for those active in the field of design or interested in catching up on the latest in contemporary … Continue Reading


Domodinamica – Alibook | Modular Shelving System

Alibook is a modular shelf system or “a wing floating on the wall”. Mixing several shelves like this can make you think about the flight of birds in a vertical row. Other than that you can get a nice and stylish solution to store your books and small decorating pieces. The shelf is made by the folding an aluminum leaf of 3mm thickness that is later laser cut and transformed by smooth twists and turns. The modular bookshelves design is the work of Denis Santachiara for Domodinamica. By the way, among other new products by the company are many very creative furniture objects including kids drawing table. … Continue Reading

Aurora Pavillion

Aurora Pavillion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

Chinese jade culture through its 8,000-year history will take center stage at the Taiwan-based Aurora Group’s Expo 2010 Pavilion. Jade symbolizes the national character such as gentleness, perseverance and the pursuit of peace, and the Expo will provide a platform to help promote such hopes, Tan Baijuan, deputy director of the pavilion, said yesterday while unveiling the design. The pavilion will feature rare exhibits such as a piece of 2.5-ton jade and Beijing Olympic medals made of fine jade from the Kunlun Mountains in Northwest China’s Qinghai Province. The theatre inside the pavilion will show Chinese myths and about 30 rare … Continue Reading

DIY Tile Design: Modular Decor Kits

Somewhere between a do-it-yourself textile kit and a make-your-own craft set, these small tiles can be assembled into anything from modest wall art and modular play forts to suspended light and sound barriers. There is only one piece in this simple puzzle from Kvadrat: a single module that can be attached to infinite partners of the same shape, size and properties to create an ever-extending functional home furnishing or simply expressive artwork. It is, in fact, this strange ‘in-between’ status of these tile modules that makes them so fascinating – they are not made to do something specific, but are also not without useful DIY … Continue Reading

How Much Do Kitchens Cost and Why?

This infographic shows the difference in kitchen costs from flat pack kitchens to premium German kitchens. With Flat pack kitchens you need to add a further 48% extra cost to have it fitted properly this fitting cost reduces as your kitchen prices increase. A high quality German kitchen can start from as low as $9,000 including fitting. It is important to know what the cost are when looking at kitchen remodeling or redesign and what type of kitchen design will suite your room. High End kitchens start around the $28,000 and upwards this is when you can look at larger kitchens which contain islands, handleless doors and high quality work … Continue Reading

Makeover the outside of your home

Now that the inside of your home has been completely renovated, it’s time to turn your attention to the outside of your home. But where do you start? Here, we’ve got a list of tips to help you makeover the outside of your home. From painting and landscape options to modern fencing options such as colorbond fencing, we’ve got a great range of tips and suggestions all home renovators should know: A seamless transition The exterior of your home should work in harmony with the interior. You should be able to have the colours and tones of the outside of your home compliment the colours of the inside. Know what you’re working with It’s … Continue Reading


House Design – Low Costs And Easy Maintenance

Located in Mar Azul, touristic resort on the shore of Buones Aires, Casa de Veraneo is designed by BAK Arquitectos Asociados. It’s a little holiday home with minimum impact on the landscape, low costs and easy maintenance. The house’s site a gentle rise with a forest of pines around it. 6.50m x 10.30m is the area, covered with an reinforced concrete slab with a raw concrete facade. The house opens up to the landscape with a series of glass walls that connect forest with the house’s interior. There aren’t the main entrance in the house because it could be accessed at a number of different points. The layout of the house consists of two areas. … Continue Reading