Brian Dettmer

Book Sculpting by Brian Dettmer

Well in sculpting there are a couple types of artists: there are good sculptors, genius sculptors, brilliant sculptors, and then there is ...Brian Dettmer . Brian Dettmer is a sculptor who came to our 10th Volume of Atlanta Pecha Kucha to show us how he celebrates and exploits the materials that he interacts with on his current work. Atlanta Pecha Kucha is an informal forum for creative work that mixes it up -- bringing you activists, animators, arbiters, architects, artists, chefs, community organizers, coolhunters, critics, curators, designers, dreamers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, fabricators, fanatics, fashionistas, … Continue Reading

Utopian Prefabricated Architecture

Utopian Sea Cities of The Future | Assembled by Robots?

Can you imagine a post-apocalyptic world populated with prefabricated buildings? Assembled on land from “memory metal” that can pop into shape when carried out to deep-ocean building sites. Frankly, it is not that far-fetched in this day and age – except that the architect behind these dreams is now 92 years old ... Can live off the grid in sustainably-powered, self-sufficient homes, sea-steading … sounds like something perfectly suited as a response to emerging environmental issues. What were once the implausible Utopian ideals of a young architecture student have evolved into the Venus Project, which seeks to address urban design and … Continue Reading


No more Wallpaper. Only Inhabit Wall Flats.

As we made it our job to help you stay informed on where we feel the trends are going, we’d like to make an announcement– “Wallpaper and wall coverings are no longer a womans decision. Henceforth, the man shall hold the proverbial brush that covers that naked canvas of the walls in your home… but women are totally welcome to do all the painting work, providing that we choose the color.” (just kidding, we know we’re grasping at straws here, ladies) Inhabit Wall Flats The Inhabit Wall Flats come in five different designs, including the Seasaw design shown above. Let’s take a look at the other four: Braille, Bud, Industry, and … Continue Reading

furniture modern daybeds fredericia furniture

Dekka Daybed : New Age Danish Modern Furniture By FurnID

The Dekka Daybed is not what you may envision when you think about a typical daybed, rather a modern interpretation that features minimal construction and the combining of Danish Modern design and the Arabic Culture. Originally designed by FurnID for a design competition the Dekka Daybed is now produced by Fredericia Furniture in which a solid aluminum frame is meticulously hewn from single piece in a 40 hour process and then upholstered by hand, the perfect combination of new and old world craftsmanship. See more of the creative modern furniture from FurnID. Height: 30 cm Width: 90 cm Length: 200 cm [via] … Continue Reading

d'light bubbles

Relaxing Squeezing Light Bubbles

If you're finding bubbles squeezing childish for stress relieving, you might re-consider, because this little balls entertaining. One thing that has taken my fancy is lights and the unique odd ways in which I can use it to my advantage. Diana Lin’s d°light Bubbles looks dandy enough on their own, but I totally dig the interactive aspect. The bunch just beckons you to come over and give them a delightful squeeze. They even give out a ‘whoo’ sound at every pinch; beautiful silicone bubble LEDs. Are you stressed? Get one! Can be bought at YD for 139 $ … Continue Reading


Touch Screen Faucet by Fima

This smart touch screen faucet by Fima comes equipped with intelligent features that do all the thinking for you. Pamper yourself with this new tap design, unique for its high-tech traits that make it so stylishly simple – in terms of looks and usability. This contemporary bathroom faucet features sleek lines, a simple shape and stylish stainless steel, enhanced by buttons galore; sensitive to touch screen technology to preset your ideal water temperature and control your water usage, making this an elegant and environmentally responsible bathroom essential. With so many layers of contemporary cool, this intelligent faucet is a must-see. … Continue Reading