Contemporary Country House for Luxury Living in Chile

Designed by Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido studio this contemporary country house is located in Calera Tango, Santiago, Chile. It’s built for a happy family on 4.5 Ha area with fruit trees only in one hour drive from capital. Concrete foundation wall that what elevates house from the ground includes a swimming pool and a basement. The first volume consist of public spaces like living and dining rooms. This volume is mostly covered by large gazing or with Larch wood. The second volume at the same time is a glass-and-concrete box which features more private sleeping areas. Glass used in the glazing is a thermo-pane glass with a green dye, … Continue Reading

modern interior

Using Art to Create an Impressive Focal Point

There are an almost endless number of ways to use art when decorating a home. However, it's hard to argue with the fact that using art pieces to create eye-catching focal points is one of the ways to get the most visual impact from your art. Most professional designers agree that creating a focal point in a room is a great way to add style, depth and visual interest. In fact, sometimes a focal point can set the entire mood or decorating theme for a room. If you'd like to use art to create one or more focal points in your own home, here are some decorating tips to use as inspiration. Think Big When creating a striking focal point, big is … Continue Reading

PuraVida by Duravit

Bathroom Furnishings : Innovative Design – PuraVida by Duravit

New York, NY – Duravit, a leading manufacturer of innovative bathroom furnishings, has launched PuraVida, a complete bathroom suite designed in collaboration with Phoenix Design and fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe. PuraVida brings poetic purity and clarity of form to the bathroom, fusing minimalism and elegance to create a sleek, yet gentle, flowing and graceful look. The collection is Duravit’s second collaboration with Phoenix Design. “Everything about this range is completely subtle, nothing is excessive, nothing is pretentious,” said Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design. In designing PuraVida, Schönherr and partner Andreas Haug sought to … Continue Reading


Domodinamica – Alibook | Modular Shelving System

Alibook is a modular shelf system or “a wing floating on the wall”. Mixing several shelves like this can make you think about the flight of birds in a vertical row. Other than that you can get a nice and stylish solution to store your books and small decorating pieces. The shelf is made by the folding an aluminum leaf of 3mm thickness that is later laser cut and transformed by smooth twists and turns. The modular bookshelves design is the work of Denis Santachiara for Domodinamica. By the way, among other new products by the company are many very creative furniture objects including kids drawing table. … Continue Reading

hangzhou park

NBBJ and CCDI |Hangzhou Sports Park

Hangzhou Sports Park - China Great designs and awesome concepts are born every day and in all the corners of the world. So one would say that with a big population it's impossible not to see new concepts and proposals. The park that you will see in the following images is the "baby" of two prestigious architecture bureaus and the main attraction of the park as you can see in the first picture we provided will be the stadium, which is in fact the biggest to be build in the next 10 years in China. NBBJ with CCDI, have created the Hangzhou Sports Park: A vibrant, pedestrian-centric sports and recreation development located in the midst … Continue Reading


FREE 3D Models From Manufacturers – Part III

For one reason or another, there seem to be a continuous race for 3D objects through architects and interior designers whenever they get to work on a new project. We confront this issue every now and then even though we have a pretty large library. You might be in this situation yourself, and like it or now, someday you will come back at this page to search for a manufacturer that gives away free 3D Models of your favorite, or your clients favorite furniture. Because 3 is a sacred number, and because 2010 comes to an end, we thought you might like the following collection of resources we have for you. Don't worry about it, you can find … Continue Reading

Decorative Pellet Stove by Buderus

Heat things up at home with this decorative pellet stove by Buderus. The furniture-like Stufa stove is a contemporary pellet stove designed for compact condos and urban homes, with small size and big style. This decorative stove hearth homes ranging from 40 to 200m2, using natural renewable fuels. This eco-friendly home-heating features Waterplus technology, and can be combines with other sustainable sources like solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, offering efficiency up to 95 per cent, while also scoring high on the style scale. The sleek structure features the warm feel and look of a real flame, set behind glass with ornamental steel … Continue Reading