Sumaré House - Exterior

Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto | Sumaré House

The brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld designed this house for a graphic designer in São Paulo with a studio situated below street level opening into a garden. Called Sumaré House and completed in 2007, the two-storey house features a studio and a long étagère to display the owners work. The project also includes a space for ballet and a swimming pool on the upper floor, next to the clients bedroom. With intense care for details, the Sumaré House, is a perfect example for open minded clients that can materialize in open spaces, and a improved lifestyle overall. Although the finishing materials are not what you can call "expensive" … Continue Reading


Beachclub / Spanjers Architect

By Nico Saieh Architect: Spanjers Architect Location: Westkapelle, The Netherlands Client: Fletcher Hotel Group Footprint: 370 sqm Project year: 2009 Photographs: Spanjers Architect On the beach of Westkapelle, a small coastal town in the Netherlands, recently a new beachclub called ‘Zuiderduin’ has opened its doors for the public. A building with a maximum outdoor floor surface where people can enjoy a snack, a drink and a beautiful view on the beach and the North Sea, when they go to the coast during the warm and sunny days. This is the starting point on which the concept of the design has been based. However, the … Continue Reading

house extension

Modern Extension of Edwardian Terrace House in London

What you're about to see here is a atypical extension of a Edwardian terrace house in London designed by Paul McAneary Architects. The concept behind the extension is that the interior space should be perceived as a connection to the garden, that the garden can be perceived as an extension of the indoor domestic space. The stylish modern design of the extension features clear and clean lines, tat are very common in modern architecture. What is interesting is that the whole design has a twist of 30°that allows physical and perceptive overlapping between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. The same idea can be noticed on the zinc facade … Continue Reading

Contemporary Living Room

How To Decorate Your Room Using Contemporary Elements

If you are decorating a room and want a great contemporary look, you are in luck. With many of the contemporary furnishings and accessories easily available in the market, it is easier than ever before to add contemporary style to a living room or other area of your home. The thing that you need to remember is that no matter whether your interiors are contemporary or classic in style, many of the same decorating principles still apply. Focal Point The first is to think about creating a focal point. Contemporary area rugs can be a great choice because they have modern patterns and color schemes that work well in contemporary … Continue Reading

How to easily manually upgrade WordPress

I had to post this tutorial, I couldn't help it, this is so useful, and so simple. The following tutorial explains how to quickly upgrade WordPress to a newer version. The process is fairly straightforward and simple, however, I have frequently caught people including myself being lazy on an upgrade skipping important steps of the process. I feel it's important to perform a manual WordPress upgrade and not auto upgrade using a utility like fantastico. While fantastico is an awesome tool for installing web applications, it has it's flaws when performing upgrades. It's better to avoid the potential headache. How to … Continue Reading


Energy Efficient Lamp-Table – Firefly

At first glance this might look like a ordinary glass table with a cool design, but there's more to it than that. In the middle of the table there are solar panels. The table was meant to be an outdoor furniture for restaurants or homes, and is supposed to make use of the solar panel to store energy during the day. At night this table can be lit up, and the attached lamp can use the stored energy to lit up the area. This is Firefly. There’s a push button located in the center which is pressed to turn the light on. So whenever it gets dark, just like a firefly the table can be made to glow with a ‘natural’ source of energy. In … Continue Reading


QisDesign – 6 Cool Lamps

This week at archtopia we want to show you a few cool lamps, designed by QisDesign. Well, If you love LED technology, than you will definitely like these neat concepts. These lamps share a common name: Coral and the models that run by this name are: Coral, Coral Reef, Piano, Crystal, and Seagull. The designers, who know how to play nice with the light, have created magical lighting objects, by abstracting to max the traditional lamp. 1./2. Coral table and floor is a lamp inspired by, you guessed it, natural coral, reflecting rays of light through the living sea. Using a lovely diffusion technique, this lamp shines light through … Continue Reading