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12 Designs For Your Apartment

If you live in a apartment, you will defenetly love the folowing foundings. Enjoy, and if you have any new findings, don’t hesitate to post them.

House Tour: Mike’s Apartment Grows with Him

Mike’s home may look familiar. He first made our acquaintance in a recent house call. Mike is lucky enough to live in an amazing neighborhood in a great sized one-bedroom apartment. Luckily, he had the forethought to move in during college!

 12 Designs For Your Apartment

Dream dining room

Called dream dining room, because the photographer Pentra Bindel, wanted to gather some information about the subject. “My dream dining room shown above right. I already own some of these things, it’s just a matter of finding a new apartment with an adequate dining space and making it my own. I also love all the storage options, I could easily have a dining room/craft space in one with a dining table that doubles as a work table for sewing and crafting. This gives me ideas as I begin my new apartment search…”