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Photoshop Basic Training

I've been flirting with the idea of creating a basic Photoshop course for well over a year now, and since I had more time on my hands (as I've quit my job, if you don't already know), the idea is becoming reality as "The Secret" states. Who is it For This course was prepared for you, casual … [Read more...]

3 Essential Decorating Books You Should Read


Some people are innate designers – they can so easily visualize in their inner minds what their home should look like, and they’re able to translate this vision into reality without breaking into a sweat. Others leave the job entirely up to the interior designers they hire – they are happy to be … [Read more...]

3 Must Have Applications For Interior Designers and Architects

Color Snap

I've seen people trying hard to get that exact color they imagined for their interior, the one they've seen on their best friend's living room wall, and it's always a killer to try to match someone's idea with the reality when you don't have the proper tools, or the know how. So, since I am too a … [Read more...]

Free Photoshop Brushes | Resources for Designers

tutorial blog

Rich Free Photoshop Brushes Collection The Web Designers section of the website was a little bit neglected, so here is a resource for the Photoshop savvy, because sooner or later you will need new brushes and although you can create them yourselves, finding some pre-made is always better and less … [Read more...]

Maxwell Render Resources

Maxwell Render Resources

I bet you always dreamed about those amazing textures that you can map on your object seamless, to make it look surreal, and let all of them colleagues thinking how you did it, where you got those incredible materials... right? Well, probably that's just me, but ever since the firs year of … [Read more...]