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FREE Cookies From Archtopia Soon

I’ve been flirting with the idea of creating a basic Photoshop course for well over a year now, and since I had more time on my hands (as I’ve quit my job, if you don’t already know), the idea is becoming reality as “The Secret” states.

Photoshop Basic Training FREE Cookies From Archtopia Soon

Who is it For

This course was prepared for you, casual cool, talented architects, or designers that want to learn Photoshop in an easy relaxed manner. I hope to be able to help you with that, as I would have wanted to receive help when I first started using the software.

Why Another Photoshop Course, Dude?

Yes, there are a lot of courses and guides out there on the subject, and you can go ahead and hunt them down if you like. I won’t stop you. I believe this one is suited for architects best, and it gets you through the basics in a simple (and coherent) manner.

3 Essential Decorating Books You Should Read

Some people are innate designers – they can so easily visualize in their inner minds what their home should look like, and they’re able to translate this vision into reality without breaking into a sweat. Others leave the Sharon2 3 Essential Decorating Books You Should Readjob entirely up to the interior designers they hire – they are happy to be told what works best for them and even happier when they love the end result. And then there are those who don’t really know what they want, but know that they can identify it when they see it.

Books and other sources of information on decorating cater to all three kinds of people because they augment ideas, improve on designs, and help you find innovative uses for stuff that you already own. They help bring down cost, time and effort, they facilitate your search for raw materials and finished products, and best of all, they give you a sneak preview of what your home would look like when finished. So if you’re shopping for decorating books and wondering which ones you should pick up, here’s my list of those you absolutely should read:

3 Must Have Applications For Interior Designers and Architects

I’ve seen people trying hard to get that exact color they imagined for their interior, the one they’ve seen on their best friend’s living room wall, and it’s always a killer to try to match someone’s idea with the reality when you don’t have the proper tools, or the know how. So, since I am too a iPhone user, and a Mac fan, I will share with you my favorite applications, or on short apps that I think every designer and architect should have on their device.

screen shot 1 167x300 3 Must Have Applications For Interior Designers and Architects1. ColorSnap®

This application now has more features than ever. It’s even easier to match real-world colors with paint colors and bring all your ideas to life. Get coordinating colors or create custom palettes. Search, browse, adjust, save and even share. And do it all for FREE.

And this is what the app can do:

Free Photoshop Brushes | Resources for Designers

Rich Free Photoshop Brushes Collection

The Web Designers section of the website was a little bit neglected, so here is a resource for the Photoshop savvy, because sooner or later you will need new brushes and although you can create them yourselves, finding some pre-made is always better and less time consuming. So without further ado, as the author of the free photoshop brushes collection says:

Every good designer needs an arsenal of brushes to use within Photoshop, whether its a grunge effect or some tehno swirls that are required there is sure to be a brush that fits your needs. Here we have dugg out the very best we could find. If there isn’t a suitable brush, we have also included some links on how to create your own.

So there you go, enjoy and leave your “interesting or creative comment bellow”.

tutorial blog Free Photoshop Brushes | Resources for Designers

Here is a collection of 75 Insane High Res Photoshop Brushes that will make you scream. Check it out:
elite Free Photoshop Brushes | Resources for Designers

Maxwell Render Resources

I bet you always dreamed about those amazing textures that you can map on your object seamless, to make it look surreal, and let all of them colleagues thinking how you did it, where you got those incredible materials… right?

Well, probably that’s just me, but ever since the firs year of university I wanted to have these incredible textures, and it’s been a while until I discovered one of my best source for materials, and today I’m going to share it with ya’ll architects and designers all over the world.

So yeah, this one I’ve been keeping for a while, but why not share it? So there you go, enjoy Maxwell Render Resources.

Of course, you need to be a member to see and download the textures, but registration is free, and so are the materials.

Clip Maxwell Render Resources

Maxwell Render Resources

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