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A Do-It-Yourself Project In The Garage

My family and I have lived in this house for near on ten years. The kids are growing up fast and we need some more living space. We are quite fortunate to have enough bedrooms – that is why we chose this house in the beginning. The only problem is we only have one living room, so we struggle to meet everybody’s needs. When the kids have friends around we all have to sit in one room. This causes problems with the television and means me and the wife do not get any time alone or are not able to watch our preferred programmes.

ranch house double door A Do It Yourself Project In The Garage

So what is our solution?

We have considered moving but due to the current house valuation situation and the high costs involved, this is not an option at this moment in time. So the only other option is to extend. We will need to gain planning permission and get builders and before we know it, we are back to a very expensive project.