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Kitchen Worktops: A Sleek Combination Of Form And Function

Oh, those kitchen gallery photos! Picture after picture of sparkling granite or polished ceramics tempts a homeowner into sinking big portions of the kitchen remodeling budget into one of those gorgeous styles. Trouble is, yielding to that kind of temptation may not only be expensive, but may not provide the function that the kitchen really needs.

granite worktop 300x225 Kitchen Worktops: A Sleek Combination Of Form And Function

Today modern manufacturing techniques have come up with dozens of fabulous options in worktops suitable for the kitchen space. There are still classic materials such as granite, natural stone and ceramic, but there are also new kinds of laminates, glass, stainless steel and even concrete.


This type of countertop is made of a base of composite fiberboard or chipboard topped with a melamine layer. Laminates are the least expensive type of worktops, both in terms of cost-per-foot and installation. Many homeowners experienced in kitchen projects can install laminate, provided they remember to use a template tool to properly install sections for the corners. Laminates resist impacts and require little maintenance; wiping with a damp cloth is often sufficient. The major drawback to laminates is its susceptibility to heat.