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Work The Triangle For Best Kitchen Function

kitchen work triangle 300x199 Work The Triangle For Best Kitchen FunctionEver heard the phrase “work triangle?” Automaker Henry Ford actually originated the idea, organizing his factories so that workers performance a set of actions in as small a space as possible. This facilitated the mass production that helped Ford create automobiles cheaply and efficiently.

The sample principle was adapted by architects and incorporated into the most labor-intensive room in the house, the kitchen. The concept of a kitchen work triangle sets ideal spaces between the refrigerator, the food preparation area (including the sink) and the stove.

For instance, it’s not surprising that the refrigerator is the most used appliance in the home kitchen. Everyone goes there, often several times a day. Consequently most work triangles start with the right placement of the refrigerator in the kitchen. What’s more, placing the refrigerator next to the food cupboard congregates storage, which makes food preparation more efficient.