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Decorating on the Wild Side

shutterstock 1445870 550x414 Decorating on the Wild SideDecorating your home with a nature theme can be a great way of adding a lot of excitement and visual interest. Although many people automatically associate wildlife art with rustic decorating styles, it can actually be used successful as part of many different decorating schemes. However, wildlife is definitely a natural when decorating a room in a rustic or “outdoorsy” theme. Here are a few ideas you can use as inspiration if you want to decorate your own home “on the wild side.”

A Touch of the Northern Wilderness

If you are decorating a cabin or a room that has a decidedly northern wilderness decorating theme, you’ll find plenty of interesting wildlife metal art sculptures that can add to the overall look. For example, a great piece of wolf metal wall art or a sculpture depicting moose, bears, or other northern wilderness wildlife species can really add an interesting and authentic look. You could use a variety of different animals throughout the room, or simply focus on one particular animal or species. For example, you could decorate a room using a bear motif, mirroring the theme through the creative use of art, wallpaper prints, tapestries, or upholstery fabrics. You could even add a faux bearskin rug to the floor to complete the look if desired.