Bandini – Vanity Stands and Modern Sinks

Ebano - Badini

Bandini uses modern stone sculpture in a variety of shapes to accentuate minimal and modern design washbasins featuring clean lines and eye catching vanity stands. Each of the four models poses a distinctly unique appeal. The Prisma features soft vertical twists and sharp angles, while the Vela … [Read more...]

Modern Sink Combos and Bathroom Mirror – by ArtCeram

bathroom mirrors and sinks artceram

Things don't always have to be separate elements and ArtCeram of Italy combines the two most used items in most homes, a bathroom mirror and sink. The slim nature of these modern sink mirror combos work well as singles or pairs in a master bathroom. ArtCrema is well known for making the ordinary … [Read more...]

Really Cool Sink by Decor – Qkiaoi


These really cool sinks by Decor, an Italian company, take your powder rooms and bathrooms to a new level of cool. The Qkiaoi sink is masculine yet sculptural, taking its inspired shape from a spoon, with a handle that extends to form an integrated towel rack. This cool sink is truly a decorator’s … [Read more...]