60 Years of Danish Furniture Design

Introduction Danish design has always been ahead of the times, mixing functionality with simplicity and since then becoming iconic in the design world. The egg chair was a masterpiece by a Dane, as was the Sydney Opera House! Let us take a look at 60 years of Danish furniture design and see what … [Read more...]

Leolux | Modern Retro Sofa


Whenever you want to add some exclusive look to your furniture collection you can check this ultra modern retro sofa from Leolux, called The Morena sofa. This designed is signed by Stefan Heiliger, and is described as a "sculptural form melting towards the floor". Nothing boring can be found in the … [Read more...]

Maison Ventury Paris – The “Parisian Chic” Otto Sofa

french furniture sofa design

The Maison Ventury Paris founded by Emmanuel Touraine and Vincent Cadena understands the concept of global design and craftsmanship. The company "reflects Frances standards of style and elegance taking inspiration from the poise and glamour of Parisian chic". The "Otto" sofa lounge is perhaps the … [Read more...]

Autoban’s Wood Framed Deco Sofa Looks Good from All Sides

Turkish design studio Autoban makes wood framing fashionable and shapely and here is their latest sofa with floating wood segments developed for De La Espada of Portugal. I think the Deco Sofa looks good from all sides but I especially like the back that hopefully won't end up against a wall. … [Read more...]

Cozy Sofas – cool sofa designs by Riva

A cozy sofa is what you’re really looking forward to seeing when you come home after a long and hard day. These cool sofa designs by Italian furniture company Riva offer the perfect blend of fashion and function. The Patmos sofas feature wood-panel inserts set between soft, full-grain leather, … [Read more...]