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Photoshop Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

Since we are heavy users of Photoshop, we thought this brief collection of shortcuts will actually serve you well. No matter what your main area of interest is: architecture, interior or web design, you will find the following keyboard shortcuts pretty useful.

shortcuts Photoshop Shortcuts To Make Your Life Easier

Chances are you know some of them, but I bet you don’t know them all.

This article is written in PC Photoshop format. If you are using a MAC, the following apply Ctrl = Cmd and Alt =  Opt

So without further ado, here we go:

1. Screen mode

Pressing F on the keyboard will toggle between Standard Screen Mode, Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar, and Full Screen Mode. This is useful especially when working with larger files, and you need to have a ensemble view of the image.

2. Pan or Hand Tool

6 Photoshop Tricks You’ve Never Seen Before

Adobe’s Photoshop has long been the premier software for photographers, digital professionals as well as the everydaywebsite owner. The fact that the software can do so much, and is easy to use, has obviously helped it hold on to its class-leading position. However, the very fact that it can do so much means that a large percentage of users only scratch the surface of the available options.Photoshop CS5 6 Photoshop Tricks You’ve Never Seen Before

These days, most people are busy and it is all too easy to stop exploring a program such as Photoshop when we first learn the basics, as we mistakenly feel that further exploration cannot be justified on a time basis.

Understandable as this is, the reality of the situation is that there are a number of Photoshop tricks that many people have never seen and that can save the user a considerable amount of time.  These tricks can be applied to editing images for your website for example, and make it more appealing potential readers and/or customers. The following are tricks that should prove very useful: