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Transparent Bathtub – by Gruppo Treesse

transparent bathtub Transparent Bathtub   by Gruppo Treesse

The rectangle isn’t your conventional bathtub shape, but then again, there’s nothing conventional about the Vision see through bathtub from Gruppo Treesse. This chic new design by Paolo Parea features the minimalist, lightweight look of a white or black enclosure with see-through plate-glass panels on either side. A spacious interior offers plenty of room to stretch out, soft sides and a comfortable built-in headrest, a rejuvenating hydro-massage ease you into relaxation mode as you ease yourself in for a deep soak. Thess cool see-through bathtubs are also available with optional color therapy, radio, and audio jacks for your iPod or CD player. For more information on the modern Vision bathtub, visit Gruppo Treesse.

transparent bathtub 2 Transparent Bathtub   by Gruppo Treesse