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Curved Brick Walls | Crafted By Robots

I know for some of you this might be old news, but I just stumbled upon this one again, and thought I shared it with you guys in the utopia section of the archtopia.

When you look at this amazingly organic walls you might start believing the one that built it is really passionate about walls, or is really OCD. But the fact is these crazy shaped walls are in fact the result of robots, and a highly advanced computer construction program, and they are able to curve the wall not only on two axis, but actually in a 3d fashion.

brick wall curved design Curved Brick Walls | Crafted By Robots

You may say the robot as a creation, is the exact aesthetic opposite of it’s work. The walls as you can see them are installed in cities like Venic and New York. The technology can be transported bare-bones shack-on-wheels structure from which the single arm arcs out to life and position the composing pieces into organic soft and incredible curves.