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How to approach refurbishing a bathroom

When a family purchases a house, unless it’s a new build, they usually want to change the kitchen and bathroom.  When changing the bathroom they will first of all:

  • assess the size of the bathroom
  • decide which types of sanitary ware they will wish to install
  • estimate the size of those items
  • consider  the doorway
    • how the room is entered
    • which way the door opens
    • whether that needs to be changed
  • consider the window
    • is it an opening window
    • will any sanitary ware installed affect the ability to open that window?
    • The window gives light and maybe people want light for example, an area for putting on make-up

The shower and shower doors are another issue to consider.  If the bathroom is small, the family may decide to:

  • install a shower over the bath – this saves space and yet provides a functional shower

Floating Garden to Clean the World’s Rivers

pysalia 01 Floating Garden to Clean the World’s Rivers

Vincent Callebaut, the visionary behind Lilypad and Dragonfly, has recently created a whale-shaped floating garden designed to drift through the world’s rivers while purifying their waters. The Physalia is a self-sufficient ecosystem that generates all the power it needs from the sun and works to reduce water pollution through bio-filtration.

pysalia 02 Floating Garden to Clean the World’s Rivers

Callebaut’s designs are certainly fantastical, but it’s a treat to ponder them and hope that someday this type of utopian technology will actually exist. His newest vision is a floating environment filled with gardens and covered by both a green roof and thin-film solar panels. Hydro-turbines generate power from the moving water underneath the boat, thus, all of the boat’s energy is generated from renewable sources. A pretty neat concept I’d say.

pysalia 03 Floating Garden to Clean the World’s Rivers